HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 01

Platform China HK’s inaugural show features a new project by leading Chinese artist Jia Aili entitled “Hallelujah”, an event specific work combining painting and installation to present a unique aesthetic of its genre.

Genius of his age, Jia Aili emerges from a younger generation of artists whose investigations develop and foster existential issues regarding the individual and society at large. Through his extraordinary pictorial creativity and his ability in developing alternative artistic techniques, Aili is seeking for perfection and a sense of belonging, while trying to find his position in the contemporary world. Jia Aili’s artistic language is characterized by an evident discrepancy, a tension between perfection and imperfection, between realism and imperfect realism. The depth of his art is evident in the absurd hyperrealism and feeling of alienation that is often conveyed.

HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 02

HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 04

Jia Aili’s “Hallelujah” addresses the world around while remaining personal and introspective; the simultaneous bluntness and ambiguity of the work epitomizes the relationship between the individual and his history, between progress and decay, moving towards a hopeless end of the spiritual world. The darkness and profundity of his language is nothing more than a state of being of which any judgment is nothing but relative.

Inaugurating the beginning of Platform China in Hong Kong, Jia Aili’s work offers a glimmer for thinking: “belief”. It also highlights the new and alternative direction of the gallery, the focus of which aims to revolve around innovative formats of creative production and critical communication of art practices.

HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 06

HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 07

Hallelujah is a very general word, mainly because there is no superior word that can completely encapsulate or fully illustrate the vicissitudes of the centuries in East Asia. We cannot even name it as East Asia, for what we are talking about now is the thing itself, and so broad a concept like this doesn’t exist in our world. Nowadays, none of us have such an all – encompassing power, therefore, it is silently buried in everybody’s heart, ranging from youngest, to the middle-aged, to the elderly, or even the dying. So, in the end, call it an objective history, in addition, one which you cannot ascribe further meaning to. The word Hallelujah does not refer to a religious art, but rather refers to a much broader quest to embrace our history relative to the last century.

 ———— Jia Aili

 HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 05

HALLELUJAH by Jia Aili at Platform China HK 08

About the Exhibition

Exhibition Time: 17.05.2012—15.07.2012

Venue: Platform China Hong Kong Space (Unit 601, Phase 1, Chaiwan Industrial City, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong)

Courtesy of Jia Aili and Platform China, for further information please visit www.platformchina.org.


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