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Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai are delighted to present the “Gao Xiaowu &Joyce Ho Joint-Exhibition”. The first floor of the museum will be presenting a series of large-scale sculptures with the theme of “Quest” by Gao Xiaowu, a well-known artist in mainland. Moreover, on the second floor, the new generation artist Joyce Tsai You Ho from Taiwan will be expressing her observations with the theme ‘Mimesis’ by her creation of paintings and installations.

GAO Xiaowu: Quest

Gao Xiaowu, who is well known by his signature bowing sculptures, is also a victim of plagiarism and imitation. Among domestic sculptors, Gao Xiaowu’s art pieces have been copied and imitated so many times all over China, most in inferior and poor-quality ways, that it’s beyond his ability to put a stop to these unethical behaviors. Due to the frequent plagiarism, Gao Xiaowu has changed his humorous and cute artist style in recent years. Instead, a new direction in both form and concept in his new series emerged, which tend to show humanistic concern in their connotations, by diversification and installation in their forms and they are often created with a larger volume. Gao Xiaowu considers the significance of art in society as ‘art should play a role as a reminder, to send out the warning message to the world.’ His art enables the audience to not only understand but admire his sense of humor and also the deeper message behind it. In addition to format itself, his sculptures bring inspiration and serious reflection to the audience, where artists seem to be able to pour some positive energy into the society.

Joyce Tsai You HO: Mimesis

Joyce Tsai You Ho immigrated to United States from Taiwan when she was 14 years old. While she enjoyed a liberating life in the states, she also felt unsettling about the sudden sense of dislocation. This experience had a huge impact on Joyce Tsai You Ho’s life and hence to her art work. The images she painted always contain some disturbing vibe, whether it’s the angle of the character’s head or the awkwardness of the distorted bodies. Through her use of luminescent palette and theatrically styled compositions, she was able to create a decidedly feminine perspective that embodies her generation’s precarious psychological state of un-balance and instability. Despite art, Joyce Tsai You Ho also crossed over to theater and stage creation, including directing and script writing, which enables her to describe the essence of what the painting was trying to discuss. She hopes to provide the beginning of a story and allow the audience to finish their own versions of the ends.

About the exhibition

Duration: April 28 – Jun 12. 2013

Opening: April 27, 2013

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Courtesy of the artists and Museum of Contemporary Art, for further information please visit www.mocashanghai.org

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