Group Photo of Honored Guests

Ink and wash painting with warm and elegant qualities, woodblock printings feel ethereal and timeless, although they are different art media, both create a unique atmosphere of the southern temperament, which is the overall visual memory of the exhibition of works by Shen Qin and Chen Qi brought to the audience. On April 25, 2015, the dual exhibition of Shen Qin and Chen Qi was unveiled at Asia Art Center, Shen Qin uses ink and wash painting, Chen Qi adheres to printmaking, both of them have persisted in their exploration with their own artistic language. With Qian Dajing serving as the academic chair, professors from the Central Academy of Fine Arts including Su Xinping, Yin Jinan, Chen Wenji and Zhang Yanzi attended the opening ceremony.

Chen Qi and Shen Qin, Chen is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts while Shen is an artist at the Academy of Chinese Paintings of Jiangsu Province, they used to be neighburing playmates and fellow students with the same art ideals, further they share similar art styles. As Qian Dajing talked about this exhibition, “They share the same temperament of image, they are particular about quality and both of them have a neurotic pursuit, both of them come from Nanjing, therefore it is necessary to curate such a dual exhibition.” Moreover, in this noisy and complicated environment of art, these two artists basically stay in a semi-closed state of creations and they have some “exclusive” thinking, focusing on their painstaking work, Qian hoped that through this exhibition, their works would offer artistic sincerity to the visitors.