Qian Jianhua, Outside, 2012; Acrylic on canvas, 135x150cm

Qian Jianhua, Outside, 2012; Acrylic on canvas, 135x150cm

Artist Statement by Qian Jianhua

To maintain a healthy balance of the body, I started a routine three years ago: taking medicine every day, having periodic checks, adjusting the amount of medicine, attending the clinic and getting the report. “Taking medicine” and “getting report”, one is the process and the other is the result, but sometimes the nature of these two can be exchanged. Maybe it is the change of the body conditions that led to my sensitivity to things. “Fei Yi (Composition)” comes from an idiom in The Book of Songs. Lesser Odes “Che ma zhi mei, Fei fei yi yi”, which describes the march of horses and carriages being stately and in order. This corresponds to the artistry that I have always been pursuing: each thing exists in its own status in an entirety and moves with the same rhythm. It seems that those small dots, thin lines, faint color differences and materials themselves are all organically functioning in the entirety, difficult to be discovered. They seem neat, peaceful and indistinctive.

My understanding of “space” is no longer just grassland or a room. It is more likely to be the two ends of some sort of extreme, which are continuously developing towards their respective directions. The works prepared for the exhibition are stage-representative. From the conversion of space and object, the discussion of the balance relationship of placing objects, to the exploration on the sensitive points of the materials themselves, the continuation and extension of creation is a kind of process that ceaselessly penetrates into the essence. A second, a day, a year, a day, a second-from fast to slow and then to fast again, moving in circles; I hope the rhythm of your observation is the same as the rhythm immersed in my work.

About the exhibition

Duration: 22 Dec 2013 – 10 Feb 2014

Venue: L-Art Gallery

Courtesy of the artist and L-Art Gallery, for further information please visit www.l-artgallery.com.

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