Language of ThingsParole of Ink The Ink Painting Exhibition of Peng Zhenzhong

In the mid 90’s, the contemporary ink painting has turned into the most active art wave in Chinese painting though the academic debate, research and criticism. Nowadays, as a representative figure of contemporary ink painting artists, Peng Zhenzhong’s work showing a sort of consciousness of space and structure which is different from traditional ink painting. He brought Chinese painting in a cultural context that coexist with the contemporary social condition though his illogical and non-narrative manifestation mode. The spirit of Chinese traditional culture as well as the emotion and artistic conception of the ego in the contemporary sense has been reflected by the fresh ink painting form.

By showing Peng Zhenzhong’s ink painting creation process in recent years, the exhibition is designed to interpret all kinds of uncertainty in experimental art popularization and application of contemporary ink painting in the perspective of contemporary art.

About the exhibition

Curator: Chen Gonglu

Coordinator: Zhao Dan

Duration: 27 Dec 2014 – 27 Jan 2015

Venue: Galerie Chenshia

Opening Reception: 27 Dec 2014 Sat 15:00

Tel: 027-82805866

Add: 2nd Li huang pi Road,Wuhan, Hubei, PR China

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