Jim Campbell, Home Movies 1040, 2008

Jim Campbell, Home Movies 1040, 2008

“Jim Campbell, the American artist based in San Francisco, has over the past 25 years, become one of the most significant and singular personalities in the field of media art. His subtle and often playful use of technologies to research figurative emergences at the limits of perception, succeeds in reaching a deep and emotional ulterior of the brain. Over several decades the immutability of his work has advanced a very personal aesthetic, making his messages timeless, and taking the intimate or collective experience of his work beyond the digital realm and closer to the universal.

With more than 30 works spanning nearly 25 years, this exhibition provides a extensive overview of Jim Campbell’s work, making visible the threads that connect together his artistic achievements during an exceptionally prolific and coherent career.”

– Jeffrey Shaw and Maurice Benayoun, Curators

 “In my earlier work starting in the late 1980s my focus was on interactivity and the works themselves were often in the structure of a psychological mirror where the viewer’s response to a work became part of the work itself, as in a feedback system. In the late 1990s I started exploring different “ways of perceiving” and since then most of my work has been on a progression towards simpler and simpler representations while using more and more expressionistic methods. I believe that the trajectory of technological media in our culture towards higher resolution and more dimensions (HD and 3D for example) does not always reveal or express more. Another way of saying it is that all of the excess ‘information’ that is given to us and that our minds have to analyze can mask some of the more subtle perceptual sensory processes. It has been scientifically shown in many different ways that we see and process a lot more of our surroundings than we are consciously aware of. It is these more primitive perceptual pathways that I am interested in walking.”

– Jim Campbell

About the exhibition

Duration: 12 Sep – 12 Oct 2014

Venue: M9001, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat), 12:00-17:30 (Sun)

Tel: 852-34427654

Add: 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Courtesy of the artist and City University of Hong Kong.

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