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As one of the few artists who engage in multi-media and various practices, Wang’s works, which include installation, photography, moving image and painting, is not without strong critical takes. In his previous projects, such as Moon-landing Program, Artificial Moon, Dust is Dust, Breath Series and A Painting series, Wang objectified the entities by spectacles deriving from mockery and humor, which aimed to investigate and represent the relationship among human bodies, experiences and perceptions. His works also try to discuss the logic connection among artificial reality, media, historical recognition and body identification. The conversion between QR Code and Chinese characters in Picture and Character, the transformation of artist’s brain waves into electrical currents stored in batteries in Electricity, both require viewers to adopt the artist’s perspective, which is beyond the common aesthetic experience. In Wang’s artistic system, he incorporates the logic of science and sociology with his expression, rebuilds dreams and desires toward technology in the name of art, at the same time draws a complex reflection upon social organism.

In Liner, Wang does not only continue his obsession with creation, but also gives digital technology the role of creator, which intends to discuss the difference, similarity and conversion between text and image. By working with sculptures and paintings, the artist visualizes elements of human perception, including text, image and media, and once again second-guesses our cognition with contradictions and paradoxes both dramatic and logical, all of which brings a new perspective to contemporary art.

Wang Yuyang, born in Harbin in 1979, has studied at High school attached to Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Drama and Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now he is based in Beijing and teaches at experimental art department, Central Academy of Fine Arts.

About the exhibition

Dates: 2013.03.23 Sat – 2013.04.20 Sat

Venue:  Tang Contemporary

Address: Gate No.2, 798 factory Jiuxianqiao Road Chaoyang District Beijing, China

Telephone: +86 (10) 59789610

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Courtesy of the artist and Tang Contemporary Art, for further information please visit www.tangcontemporary.com.

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