Exhibition View 01 of Liu Wei Solo Show at Long March Space

Long March Space is proud to present the solo exhibition of artist Liu Wei, the first solo presentation of the artist at the gallery. Liu Wei refuses to give this exhibition an explanatory title, insisting there is nothing to be said in words and that nothing can be said. Taking form over the course of one year, the exhibition fills both halls of the Long March Space gallery. It will last until October 7.

The audience is acutely aware that the segmenting and division of the exhibition space presents an inherent issue. However, it is only upon “entering the space” that the problematic visual and physical relationship of the space reveal themselves. The standard terminology of “conceptual”, “installation”, “site” and other related phrases lose their descriptive meaning. Instead, Liu Wei’s work presents us with a vocabulary filled with uneven bars, large circular tables, rectangular pillars, canvas, scaffolding, large and small, vertical and horizontal, wrapped, bound, and cut so that he is able to find the logic behind his materials and the space. During the preparation of the exhibition, there was a conscious desire by Liu Wei to break free from his system. However, after repeatedly entering into the space, has this not turned back into the unconditional support of Liu Wei’s system, his concept that “form is the most political”. Although Liu Wei often uses the word “reality”, we can be certain that he is not speaking about our conventional precepts, but rather the multilayered membrane of ideology and structure.

Widely recognized as one of the most dynamic and audacious artists of his generation, Liu Wei (b. 1972) has come to international attention for his enigmatic but incredibly arresting “Gesamtkunstwerk”, a culmination of elements that are brought together offering an acute visual commentary on the urgent situation in China and beyond. While earlier works engage with and make use of particular cultural, social and political ideas, his recent series of works focuses on his relationship with the fundaments that constitute our world, seeking to “get past what is immediately visually available, and realize more of the value within the matter itself.”

About the exhibition

Dates: Sep 1, 2012- October 7, 2012

Venue: Long March Space

Address: 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China

Tel: +86 (0)10 5978 9768

Fax: +86 (0)10 5978 9764

Courtesy of the artist and Long March Space, for further information please visit  www.longmarchspace.com.

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