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“Allusion”, Ma Wenting’s newest solo exhibition, is set to open in Gallery Yang on March 5, 2016. It is her first solo show in Gallery Yang, and will last until March 31, 2016.

Allusion is a rhetorical device in literature to make a point using a similar yet distinct example or to explain one thing without mentioning it and through another thing. Despite the essential difference of painting and literature, the connections between them are obvious, particularly in our traditional painting, where painting and literature were intertwined. The relations between them, indeed, have been always under discussion and debate in the realms of art and aesthetics. The naming of the exhibition as “Allusion” indicates the socially narrative nature the artist always sticks to in her works. She tries to examine and reflect the relations of individual and society through blending in varying situations of individual experiences with this society.

Most of Ma Wenting’s works have something to do with concrete social images, and her subject matters are extensive. The information that the chosen and represented objects carry themselves, the confusions of perspectives and special relations, the superimposition of body shapes and colored planes, and the juxtaposition of figurative bodies and abstract geometrical colored bodies, have all together formed a new vehicle to dismember the reality as well as reconstruct a reality suspending in parallel above our life.

In her new works exhibited “Allusion” this time, she places more emphasis on formal languages of painting than before, and behind each work is something connected to expressions about certain social problems or personal life experience. But the painted objects not merely appear as visual elements and serve the pictorial structure, nor are they mere expressions of spirituality and emotion, rather, the artist want them to be prologues to, vehicles for, or indications of some problems, leading audience to watch and think about all sorts of fragments of life along various threadsor paths, and it is exactly from these broken fragments that the landscape of the present age is patched together.

About the exhibition

Date: 2016.03.05 – 2016.03.31

Venue: Gallery Yang

Address: No.20, East of 798 Originality Square, B District in 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Yang, for further information please visit

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