Massimo De Carlo Gallery is calling all art aficionados to Hong Kong’s Pedder Building to celebrate the beginning of 2017 with their first group show. ‘Between Utopia and Dystopia’, on display from 19 January 2017 to 11 March 2017, is curated by Manuela Lietti. The show brings together works by six Chinese contemporary artists that explore the notion of landscape – touching upon the cultural, social and geo-political. It offers a view on the conceptual and naturalistic interpretations of this topic in contemporary Chinese painting and sculpture by artists belonging to different generations and backgrounds.

Artists featured have roots in Mainland China – Qiu Shihua, Meng Huang, Wang Zhongjie, Jia Aili, Wang Sishun, and Liu Xinyi. Each approach the topic from his own unique perspective: landscapes suspended between real and ideal, external sights and inner visions filled with intimacy and meditative tones co-exist with images of a collapsing world presented with less idyllic but nevertheless true tones.

About the exhibition

Dates: Jan 19, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017

Opening: Jan 18, 2017, 16:00, Wednesday

Venue: Massimo De Carlo Gallery

Courtesy of the artists and Massimo De Carlo Gallery, for further information please visit

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