“Media Architecture + Urban Culture Discussion”

Initiated and organized by the School of Architecture, CAFA, “Chinese Media Architecture Discussion” was held at the Conference Room of Building 7, CAFA, on the afternoon of April 11, 2013. At the same time, it announced the epilogue of the media architectural studio course, initially placed in a teaching course of the schools of architecture across the nation, collaborated by CAFA and MAI (Media Architecture Institute) in the School of Architecture, CAFA.

The teachers of the media architecture course including three core members of MAI( Media Architecture Institute), as well as more than twenty expert professors, and noted entrepreneurs in the domestic industry of architecture and lighting were invited to present at the discussion, presided over by Prof. Chang Zhigang, Vice President of the School of Architecture, CAFA, who offered a brief introduction to the discussion and cooperation at the beginning of the discussion.

What is media architecture?

Dr. Hank, president of MAI, together with the founder Dr. Gernot who introduced the concept of media architecture and the related grand field to the guests, through a series of classic international cases, as well as the vitality and interaction which media architecture offers current social development, urban planning, and people’s lives.

Hank said media architecture was a cutting-edge discipline, a combination of lighting art, interactive media art, image art, architecture, machinery art, computer art, etc., in addition, architects, designers and artists can participate in the creation of their own professional background.

Subsequently, Alex Doss, a creative curator from Las Vegas, USA, introduced the ongoing program of development of the Valley of King by Dreamlighting.

What is the meaning of media architecture?

In the exchange part, Lv Pinjing, Vice President of the School of Architecture, CAFA, Prof. Song Xiewei, Vice President of the School of Design, Prof. Fang Zhenning, the famous architectural reviewer and international curator, Prof. Rong An, from the School of Architecture, respectively put forward their own views and questions on the definition of media architecture. How to make the academic and commercial symbiotic?

Subsequently, Feng Qing, Chairman of Dreamlighting Cultural Company and Ye Yufeng, Dean of Wanda Commercial Institute of Planning and Design, Mr Ye, Dean of Wanda Commercial Institute, Li Dong, Editor in Chief of “Architect” magazine, Yang Lanfang, Deputy General Secretary of the National Alliance of Semiconductor R & D and Industry, Zhang Fengyi, Chairman of Jinbaishuiqing Group, etc., gave a wonderful dialogue on the perspective of confrontation between commerce and art, the construction of enterprise and culture, and how to build an international vision.

Finally, Dr. Hank and Dr. Gernot gave a supplement to the discussion. Gernot believed that there should be a platform for enterprises and colleges to learn with each other and mutual support, with an international vision.

Journalist: Zhang Nuoran, translated by Chen Peihua/CAFA ART INFO

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