Poster of Into a Time Frame

Lim, a young Korean artist, is invited by MoCA Pavilion to launch his solo project titled Into a Time Frame. The project marks the first young artist cooperation between MoCA Pavilion and the Daegu Arts Museum of Korea.

Lim leverages the space of MoCA Pavilion to launch his project “Into a Time Frame,” a collection of his recent representative works including still photography and motion picture. The windows and doors in the photos are purposefully left hollow and blank as a frame to show visuals. Looking from afar, the visuals are incorporated in a vast space. Observing close-up, the viewer’s attention is easily grasped by the motion picture. The space gives way to the content inside the window. Now the viewer enters a new space. The shift of focus inspires imagination. The timeline of photography gives the sense of lowing time, which embeds layers of photography into a real-world scenario which combines the real with the surreal. Be it a beautiful photo or a looping video, all the visuals mix the boundary between real and surreal, or rather combine them as two overlapping layers. Now a sense of being there is created that exists irrespective of the flow of time.

Lim explores even deeper for this project. The two floor-to-ceiling windows are used as photo frames. When the viewer looks inside the window, it is the same as the viewer is enjoying a view outside the window. At the MoCA Pavilion, the visitors see two different views through the same window frame. Lim poses questions about being real and surreal as well as about time, nature, and work; yet he offers no answers. What he offers is the limited timeline that provides clues to the viewer who may thus explore unlimited possibilities.

About the project

Dates: Dec 23, 2015 – Jan 16, 2016
Opening: Dec 23, 2015, Wednesday
Venue: MoCA Pavilion

Courtesy of the artist and MoCA Pavilion, for further information please visit

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