Poster of Animamix Biennale Ballade 420x598 - MoCA Shanghai presents the 6th”Animamix Biennale: Ballade”

MoCA Shanghai will hold the 6th”Animamix Biennale: Ballade”, starting from May 26th, 2018. This three-month exhibition will invite artists from all over China to explore the virtual and real world through animation, comics and games. Spanning from the present to the future, the artworks will create the ballade which reflects the contemporary social culture. It will include various mediums – painting, sculpture, installation, animation and interactive art, combining with science and technology, bioengineering, neural networks, AI and interactive games.

About the exhibition


CURATOR: LI Zhengzhong, SHEN Chuchu

Organized by: MoCA Shanghai and MoCA Shanghai Foundation

Special Support: HUOJU

Collaborated with: Macau Museum of Art, Luxelakes, A4 Art Museum, Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Visual Art Center, Art:1 New Museum, Jakarta

Courtesy of the artists and MoCA Shanghai, for further information please visit

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