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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei established “MOCA Video” to extend its exhibition to the public space outside the museum, in order to promote the creation and appreciation of the video art through which contemporary media art and video aesthetics are showcased. Together, they serve as an annual, non-stop visual feast from MOCA, Taipei.

Petit Deer Cinema curated the exhibition, Log in, and was selected in the annual open call for works of MOCA, Taipei in 2015. “Log in” has become a basic, everyday action that connects modern people and the world. With an account, a password, and a press on the “enter” key, individuals can immediately link to and join the world.

Through this habitual, daily action of “log in”, some people do social networking, some work on their own path to achieve their dreams, and some simply observe the world and catch up with the social events. Have you ever thought about where you “log in” every day? What kind of a role do you play there? How different is the world we perceive there from the real life? The curator hopes to introduce to the public an alternative possibility of Taiwanese illustration and what it can achieve. In the meantime, through the digital interactive mechanism designed for the exhibition, audience would see the codes and passwords closely related to the everyday life are gradually replacing their real self.

Ten excellent Taiwanese illustrators are invited to participate in the exhibition, and have created ten individual illustration artworks of unique styles according to the exhibition theme and concept. The curator has also invited an animator to transform these works into ten animations. Guided by the animations in the exhibition, the audience would be able to follow the graphic elements produced by these artists and capture the message they hope to convey step by step. Meanwhile, the exhibition also encourages the audience to use their imagination and log in to the fantastic worlds of the ten illustrators.

With the smartphones in the exhibition, the audience can set up their personal accounts and passwords onsite and be randomly matched with one of the ten animations, which will then be screened. Statistic data will be gathered and let the audience get a glimpse of the numbers favored by the public and their habits.

About the exhibition

Curator: Milu Huang

Date: 2016/05/14-2016/06/19

Venue: MOCA Video Underground (ZhongShan Metro Mall Exit R9 TV Corridor)

               MOCA Plaza LED TV Wall (No.39. Chang-An West Road, Taipei, Taiwan)

Artists: Chun Chun Yang, Vincent Lin, LOVE+Tim, Croter Hung, HOM, Kim Chen, A Monster A Day, Li- Rong Kuo, michun, Yi-ju Hsieh, Wen-Xin Lu

Courtesy of the artists and MOCA Taipei, for further information please visit www.mocataipei.org.tw.

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