Poster of Middle Age Blurriness 398x598 - MOCUBE presents "Wang Xingjie: Middle Age Blurriness"What? What happened? Blurry? Middle age? Yes, blurry, blurry vision, at middle age. Presbyopia strips off the beauty in everything, so one has to engage one’s imagination, in the transition from visual perception to logical thinking, which can be equally wonderful.

—Wang Xingjie

MOCUBE presents artist Wang Xingjie’s exhibition, “Middle Age Blurriness”, which marks the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, and will continue to January 7, 2019.

In recent years, Wang Xingjie has been attempting to shift from literal observation depiction of the object to render a complex perceptual system. In order to achieve this goal, Wang adopts succinct forms and almost all primary colors to restore the scenarios in which objects occurred in one’s own personal experience and spiritual field. In the series of the pigeon, Wang exhibits a proactive command on the composition and former implications on his images that make the specific and materialistic tendency more opaque.

It is not difficult to smell the earthy and airy fragrance in these paintings. Behind the artist’s awkward composition and humble use of colors, his observation, dialogue and patient reception of the objects at times embody a vast quietude, and others, an anxious obliteration. We come to bear the witness of a slowly passing time, and the things that have been left behind from those fervent years, pigeons, pomegranate and persimmon, their perpetual wandering between the reality at large and a spiritual realm is like being placed on a pedestal and molded by an invisible hand.

About the exhibition

Dates: Nov 24, 2018 – Jan 7, 2019


Courtesy of the artist and MOCUBE.

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