Artist: Han Jinpeng (Undergraduate)

Works: “Mona Lisa in the Weather from Sunny to Stormy”, “Kitchen Servant Attacked by Sandstorms”, “Light Dust Falling on Nameless Girl”

Media: Make-up Performance, Video Installation

Size: 85cm long and 65cm wide; 50cm long and 45cm wide; 55cm long and 65cm wide;

Year: 2008

Tutors: Lv Shengzhong, Han Ning and Wu Jian’an

Review by Lv Shengzhong:

A person involved in determining the climate believes that climate decides the range of human behavior; someone involved in the possibilities of climate influence argues that climate restricts human behavior; a Climate probability theorist holds that climate is the decisive factor which leads to certain behavior traits but its’ probability is larger than others. Climate plays such an important role in human behavior that people seem pathetic when realising its’ concept.

Dressed and made-up by the artist himself, he acts as “Mona Lisa”, “Kitchen Servant” and “Unknown Girl” and other classic images from the art world using the same layout and color of light as in the original paintings. He personally experiences “live” classics in real situations with climate changes and impermanence in each “artistic classic practice”.

Climate, an eternal topic associated with life, together with the sun, the moon, heaven and earth can brew every phenomena in the world while it can also destroy them all. Whether it is a kitchen servant or a smiling lady, or a proud Russian girl, they are human beings now regarded as classics in the name of art and placed in museums. People mistakenly think that they can solidify the moment and even create the immortal, which is the self-righteous view of civilizations. Accordingly, the artist intends to demonstrate through his performances for people kept in the dark what kind of violent attacks cultural impersonations may suffer from cloud and rain when we irritate the climate.

“Mona Lisa in the Weather from Sunny to Stormy”

“Kitchen Servant Attacked by Sandstorms”

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