Graduated from Oil Painting Dep of CAFA, Yan Bing had obsoleted media of oil painting at an early stage of his career. Then he devoted himself to a different kind of work, composed with materials like soil, fur, silk and linen. In the autumn of 2013, he renews the theme “My Labor II” in this new solo exhibition, two years after the previous one. The theme, as well as the titles of all his works, do not presuppose any presumptions. Through years of precipitation, Yan Bing is once again capturing a new calling of life force in painting.

Yan Bing, Cowhide No.6; Oil on Canvas, 80×100cm, 2013

Yan Bing, Cowhide No.6; Oil on Canvas, 80×100cm, 2013

Yan Bing, Cowhide No.14; Oil on Canvas, 60×80cm, 2013

Yan Bing, Cowhide No.14; Oil on Canvas, 60×80cm, 2013

On September 28th, 2013, Gallery Yang would like to present an opportunity in an original way, for the audience as intervening subjects, of entering Yan Bing’s works which spring from instinct, and invite experience of meditation. Yan Bing said, “I think, the reason why I repeatedly come back to depict these schemes and traces, is the fact that these schemes are undecryptable, and these traces are discernible evidences of my having lived. It likes depicting all my experience of life, with a blind joyousness.”


Yan Bing

1980, Born in Tianshui, Gansu province, China; 2007, Graduated form Oil Painting Department, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China; Now lives and works in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 : “My LaborⅡ”, Gallery Yang, Beijing, China; “Superfluous Things, No.5”, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China; Art Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2012 : “Farming Poems: Yan Bing Solo Exhibition”, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, China

2011 : “My Labour”, Gallery Yang, Beijing, China

2010 : “51㎡14# Yan Bing”, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

2009 : “Curated by Liu Xiaodong: Yan Bing / Temperature”, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

2013 : “Context of Contemporary Art – China Annual Art Critics Nominated Exhibition”, Xi’an Art Museum, XiAn, China; “Reunion Island Artist Resident Program”, Reunion Island; Art Basel Hong Kong, Booth 3D19, Hong Kong, China

2012 : The Fist”CAFAM.Future”Exhibition.Beijing,China

2011 : “Start from the Horizon: Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978”, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China; “Unexpected Issues”, Art Channel, Beijing, China; “51㎡: Sixteen Young Artists”, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

2010 : “Games: Young Chinese Artists”, White Box Museum Of Art, Beijing, China; “Work in Spreading: Images of Circulation and Retranslation”, Iberia; Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; “Two Sides of the Same Coin”, Chun Cui ART, Beijing, China; “YES AND NO”, Blackbridge OFF Space, Beijing, China

2009 : “Energy of time”, Chang Art Gallery, Beijing, China; “BLANK: Making Life”, INSIDE-OUT Art Center, Beijing, China

2008 : “How far from art Ⅱ”, OUR SPACE, Beijing, China

2006 : “How far from art Ⅰ”, Rain Gallery, Beijing, Chinas

About the exhibition

Duration: September 28 th – October 27 th, 2013

Venue: Gallery Yang

Opening: 4:00pm-7:00pm, September 28 th

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Yang, for further information please visit www.galleryyang.com.

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