“Night at Art the Museum” of CAFAM 2011 was successfully held on 11th June. Artists, youth artists, college students, art professionals as well as art lovers from various universities in Beijing have participated in this friendly fellowship at the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Night at the Museum is a cultural activity which originated in Europe. As it tolerates cultural diversity and offers opportunities for everyone to engage with diverse cultures, its importance gets increasing approval following the destruction of Berlin Wall.

As the first activity introduced to China, “Night at the Art Museum” hosted by CAFAM highlighted the spirit of “Art Life”. It included regular free exhibitions, a scheme of personal information exchange (Let’s Exchange), a series of live performances (Showing Now!) and a showcase of art videos. Interactive youth activities entitled “Cool” Workshop (Creative Transformation of T-shirts), “Immediately Cool” (a show of on-site photos shot) and “I’m here” (Weibo on the Wall) all attracted many participants.

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