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“No.5 Xiaowei Hutong in the First Round: Exhibition of Wu Yi, Wang Yuping and Liu Qinghe” was unveiled at FEEFAN’S ART on September 28, 2015. The exhibition invites 3 representative artists, who had studied and lived in CAFA at No.5 Xiaowei Hutong in the 1980s and are still teaching in the Alma mater now: Wu Yi, Wang Yuping, Liu Qinghe, to respectively showcase their new works in the form of a trio, showcasing the exploration and thinking of the art of painting over recent years.

Located in Wangfujing, the center of Beijing, “No.5 Xiaowei Hutong” is the old site of CAFA, the Beiping Art School was founded nearly a century ago though the school moved to Huajiadi in Wangjing in 1995. This campus for CAFA has trained numerous outstanding talented artists in Chinese culture and art which has become the backbone of Chinese artistic careers. All the teachers and students who had studied and taught in No.5 Xiaowei Hutong have deep feelings for the small campus and the red doorplate, and it is a place to reveal the most sincere, beautiful dreams and they are proud of their creations.

The exhibition is curated by Dong Mengyang who graduated from the Department of Printmaking, CAFA, at “No.5 Xiaowei Hutong”. The exhibition was named after “No.5 Xiaowei Hutong”, which is not simply nostalgic, but it hopes that more and more people know that this represents the standard of art in the current noisy art market, it is necessary for excellent artists to be aware of the sincere attitude towards their creations…

About the artists

Wu Yi

Born in Changchun, Jilin, in 1966, Wu Yi, whose ancestral home was Ninghe in Tianjin, graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA in 1989; he graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA with a masters degree in 1993, and remained on the school staff after graduation; currently he is an associate professor in the Department of Mural Painting in CAFA.

Wang Yuping

Born in Beijing in 1962, Wang Yuping was enrolled in the Ceramics Department, Central Academy of Art and Craft in 1983, enrolled in the Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 1985, and graduated from the No.4 Studio of the Oil Painting Department, CAFA in 1989, currently he works in the Oil Painting Department, CAFA

Liu Qinghe

Born in Tianjin in 1961, Liu Qinghe graduated from the Tianjin School of Arts and Crafts in 1981, graduated from the Department of Folk Arts, CAFA in 1987, graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA, received a masters degree in 1989, currently he is a professor of the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA.

About the exhibition

Duration: September 28 – November 10, 2015

(10:30 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: FEEFAN ‘S ART Beijing exhibition hall

(Dongshanshu Nanyuan, No.7 East 4th Ring North Road, Chaoyang District)

Courtesy of the artists, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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