Poster of Nobody Cares Li Wei Solo Exhibition

Red Brick Art Museum is honored to present Li Wei’s new solo exhibition: “Nobody Cares” opening on the 22nd Aug 2015 at Red Brick Art Museum. The exhibition would be on view for one month.

Li Wei is an avantgarde artist who always keeps herself alert and sensitive. To act of questioning is the principle thread of her creative work over the years, through which she examines the cruelty and indifference of humanity in the work “Chorus”, beneath the heavy makeup and gaudy showiness lies only a numbing sense of disconnect and embarrassment. In “ICU”, the visual display of suffering of the sick and weak evokes an unsettling sense of disturbance and weight, through which the artist reflects upon the meaning of existence, life and death.

“Nobody Cares”: in this age of social networking, everyone acts as “friends” without the real care needed in the old fashion sense of word. We are both the observer and the participant, watching the world go by nonchalantly from a safe distance. We play our different roles with different strategies. But in fact we don’t really care.

“Li Wei would often place herself as somebody else, however, being somebody else is not an easy thing to do, by applying this difficult and clumsy technique, she tries to enact the consciousness of everybody else entirely. Her perception of the world also comes from this technique, she believes that the human factor is the root of all problems we face, all the misery and catastrophe, even as we sit down to eat ameal – a function in our everyday life, it is also ridden with desperation. I don’t believe that she feels this way because she lives in a unique land called China, and I too believe this is a problem we all face as human beings.

I think what’s so interesting about Li Wei, is that whilst creating no obstacles, she would never let go of an opportunity to conduct a test. It is my impression that exhibits a lot of elaborate narrations and descriptions in contemporary art, diffused essays can maybe give the audience a peep into the works of the artists. The language used by Li Wei are mostly unadorned, in her opinion, this is a “collective memory of all human.” ” Memory recognizes no class distinctions, therefore, they are relatively equal.” In her own view, the reasons behind what she is doing are more interesting than the action itself.” –excerpt from Bernard Vizta

“In our world today, almost everyone I see is pretending to be someone. Pretense has seeped through every part of our society in various ways. Some pretend to benevolent, some pretend to be spiritual, some pretend to be rebellious youth,some pretend to be sophisticated, this is a way to be esteemed, and perhaps also an appropriate way to survive in this pretentious and shameless world. Anyway, I don’t trust the kind of people who is liked by most people. ” Li Wei speaks her mind and acts her heart without fear of being judged by anyone. The tittles of her work are latent with doubts and ironies for humanity. For example: “The Hollow man”, “Hero”, “Confessional”, “Thank God”, or we can say: “ The hollow man hero in the confessional to thank god, but nobody cares.”

About the artist

Li Wei


Born in Beijing, China

2007 Graduated from the Third Studio of the Sculpture Department of CAFA, Bachelor’s Degree.

Now livingand working in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Nobody Cares, Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing, China

2014 Peace, Primo Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

2013 Thank God, Gallery Yang, Beijing, China

Confessional, A2Z Art Gallery, Paris, France

2011 Hero, Today Art Museum, Beijing,China

2010 Unpeaceful Christmas Eve – “A Block Of Cake”, Copy Café, Beijing, China

2009 The Hollow Men, Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, China

About the exhibition

Opening: 22nd August 2015 3:00pm

Exhibition Duration: 22nd August 2015 – 22nd September 2015

Organizer: Red Brick Art Museum

Sponsor: Artaste

Location: Red Brick Art Museum (Hegezhuang,Cuigezhuang Village , Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Courtesy of the artist and Red Brick Art Museum, for further information please visit


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