Following Chen’s solo exhibition entitled “Notations of Time” in 2010, his new creations named “Flying with the Wind,” that also belongs to this series, will be exhibited at the 3rd Guanlan International Print Biennial starting on 12th May, 2011.

Chen Qi has applied watermarked prints, woodcuts, books, installations, videos and other various media in his “Notations of Time” of 2010. In his new creations, he continues his exploration into “time”, “life”, “existence” and other basic issues with his off-screen language. Thus, his “Flying with the Wind” can be taken as an extension of his general concept of “Notation of Time”, as well as being closely related to his water-based printmaking which is a continuation of the infatuation with the traces of objects from Chinese wash paintings and the ink rubbings of ancient stele inscriptions.

The Overall Effect of Cloud Scheme by Chen Qi

The Overall Effect of Flying with the Wind by Chen Qi

The entity of the “Notation of Time Series–Flying with the Wind” is an 8m×6m×3m large-scale spatial installation. Chen Qi utilizes his unique styling elements—“wormhole” to create a hollow treatment of the roof. Visitors can walk into the space which is like a small house, thus experiencing the visual beauty brought by changes of the light and shadow. Changes due to the time and light make multiple spots move in different directions as if a crystal life is elegantly flowing at that precise moment. The reproduction of “the illusory” and “the real” in the passage of time simulates fresh and sweet music and creates an imaginative space to the viewing public.

Model of Cloud Scheme by Chen Qi

Model of Flying with the Wind by Chen Qi

Making Model of Cloud Scheme

Making Model of Flying with the Wind

As a printmaker, Chen Qi explores the emerging possibilities of “version”, “trace” and other concepts in this piece of work with his “light and hollow physical entity” replacing “knife and board”. Talking about the production of his work, Chen Qi mentioned his first visit to Hakka houses when he attended the 1st Guanlan International Print Biennial. He was impressed by the light produced by the hollow tiles on their roofs. Year after year, the sky and the sun continuously shine on this land, though the Hakka people have left their homeland in the comings and goings. This piece of work includes Chen Qi’s thought on the relationship which seems virtual and real, tangible and invisible between “time” and “existence”.

Effect of Cloud Scheme

Effect of Flying with the Wind

Taking into account different observations by the visitors, Chen has a special imaging device projected outside to play the demo of its’ overall effect. Besides, he will continuously record the changes of spot light by using a video recording during the month it is displayed, so all the physical images and space devices will jointly combine in this integrated work.

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