00 Poster of Shi Qing--Nothing Lasts Forever

From December 1st, 2011 through to February 1st, 2012, Nothing Lasts Forever, a new project by Shanghai-based artist Shi Qing is announced by Arrow Factory to take place in various locations throughout Jianchang Hutong, Beijing over the next two months.

Nothing Lasts Forever uses the physical site of Jianchang Hutong as a space for dissemination—not of ideas or information—but of raw materials. For this work Shi Qing has designed and built eight different types of road blockades reminiscent of makeshift barriers often found on battlefields or in besieged urban areas. Each is customized with different abstract markings and carefully constructed to fit across specific entry and exit points in the hutong. However these blockades will not be reassembled as full structures at any point in Jianchang Hutong, nor will there be any visual reference to the blockades at Arrow Factory. Instead, stacks of the pre-cut and pre-painted lumber will be left outdoors at various public locations in Jianchang Hutong and made available for re-purposing.

Nothing Lasts Forever’ s associations with notions of turmoil and unrest are far from inadvertent, and yet they are carefully effaced in the presence of a more dominant gesture: generosity. As these disassembled roadblocks appear unannounced on the street in the form of haphazard stacks of mixed lumber, they lose their connection to authority and power and freely dissolve into the neighboring community as basic usable materials. In Nothing Lasts Forever the slow dissolution of such loaded items enacts a process of transformation, even if questionably registered by the surrounding locale.

Shi Qing (b.1969, Inner Mongolia) is an artist whose practice spans video, installation and performance art. A member of the Post-Sense Sensibility group of artists active in Beijing in the early 2000s, Shi has experimented with a variety of materials and artistic approaches. He is known for his works that combine theater, performance and film, and his employment of narrative strategies that intertwine complex social and political systems of power and authority with mundane actions or behaviors. Shi has participated widely in numerous exhibitions China and globally biennials and triennials, among them the 4th Busan Biennial (2004), The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial (2005), and Site Santa Fe (2008).

Courtesy of the artist and Arrow Factory, for more information please visit http://arrowfactory.org.cn/

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