03 The Opening Ceremony of“21+4 Secrets”

The exhibition 21+4 secrets is a joint project between OCAT Xi’an and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, curated by Xi’an-based curator Wang Mengmeng, who is head of the academy’s Arts and Crafts Department.

The exhibition is the second part of a project initiated during the XAFA Graduate Students 2014 Autumn Master Classes. The exhibition at OCAT Xi’an displays the results of the explorative process of the master class; works which were produced in collaboration between the curator Wang Mengmeng and the students who participated in the master class. The 21 students are joined by four practicing artists, hence the 21+4 in the title.

Rich in concepts and experimental forms, the allusion to secrets in the exhibition title functions as a prompt to creativity as much as the possible revelation of actual secrets, which everyone holds. Here, the secret is more about unlocking desire or a means of kick-starting a process of questioning.

There is a particular aspect to this display. Instead of actual artworks, visitors are presented with scan codes for each artist’s work. The works are viewed by scanning the code with a smart phone and via a website created for the project. 21+4 secrets are revealed through technological application! So, not the usual exhibition experience, but an experience nonetheless.

About the exhibition

Duration: 14 December, 2014 – 17 January, 2015

Opening: 14 December, 2014, 4pm

Venue: OCAT Xi’an

Address: South Section Road 1, Beichitou, Yanta District | Xi’an, Shaanxi 710061, China

Tel: 029-85529445

Email: ocat-xian@ocat.org.cn

Official Sina Weibo: @OCT当代艺术中心西安馆

WeChat Subscription: ocat-xian

Courtesy of the artists and OCAT Xi’an.

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