Poster of 01 Simulations Miao Xiaochun 2006 2018 332x598 - OCT Art & Design Gallery presents “01 Simulations: Miao Xiaochun 2006-2018” in Shenzhen

OCT Art & Design Gallery will present Miao Xiaochun’s solo exhibition “01 Simulations: Miao Xiaochun 2006-2018” in Shenzhen from 19th January through to 8th April in 2019. This exhibition showcases Miao’s works since 2006, and it is the first comprehensive review on his creative achievements. It aims to highlight how Miao Xiaochun thinks for himself, explores transformations and forms his own system. Curated by the independent curator Li Zhenhua, the exhibition presents more than ten sets of moving images, animations, paintings and sculptures by Miao Xiaochun.

Miao Xiaochun’s solo exhibition “01 Simulations: Miao Xiaochun 2006-2018” is another exploration and discussion on the “Future Theme” conducted by OCT Art & Design Gallery. As an introspective exhibition, it is about all the media relationship generated by Miao Xiaochun’s art, as well as how various medias are operated. Knowledge production and art production, spacial exploration and historical research, aesthetic means and public experience are all interdependent in this exhibition.

Edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

About the exhibition

Opening: 15:00, Jan. 19, 2019

Duration: Jan. 19 – Apr. 8, 2019

Venue: OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen

Organizer: OCT Art & Design Gallery

Director: Luan Qian

Academic Director: Feng Feng

Curator: Li Zhenhua

Artist: Miao Xiaochun

Exhibition Assistant: Yu Minling

Support: OCT Group Co., Ltd.

Acknowledgement: InterContinental Shenzhen

Courtesy of the artist and OCT Art & Design Gallery, for further information please visit

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