08 Group photo of the honored guests at the opening ceremony

At 2:00 pm on August 29, 2015, sponsored by the Rhythm Art Organization, Pattern · Style – the First Chinese Painting Exhibition for the Ph.D students opened at Rhythm Art Museum. Yin Shuangxi, professor and doctoral supervisor of CAFA serves as the academic chair of the exhibition, Ge Yujun, young teacher of CAFA, young critic, serves as the curator and the School of Chinese Painting, CAFA offers academic support. “Chinese Painting Ph.D. student Forum” is a high-end academic platform, built by the Rhythm Art Organization starting from the perspective of research and creation. “‘Pattern· Style’ – the First Chinese Painting Exhibition for the Ph.D students” is the first round of the Ph.D. student Forum series of academic exhibitions.

Prof. Wang Shaojun, Vice Party Secretary of CAFA, academic chair of the exhibition Yin Shuangxi, professor and doctoral supervisor of CAFA, Director of China Artists Association, Prof. Yu Guanghua, Party Secretary of the School of Chinese Painting, CAFA, Prof. Han Lu, Deputy Dean of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Academy of Art, Cai Wanlin, Art Director of the Rhythm Art Organization, the young teacher of CAFA and curator of the exhibition Ge Yujun attended the opening ceremony and respectively delivered a speech. In addition, the honored guests who were present at the opening ceremony also included: Prof. Qiu Zhenzhong, doctoral supervisor of CAFA, Prof. Li Xuetao, the international famous Sinologist, Dean of the School of World History at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Mao Jianbo, Director of Postgraduate Division of China Academy of Art, doctoral supervisor, Prof. Chen Qi, Director of Postgraduate Division, CAFA, Professor Bi Jianxun, Dean of the School of Continuing Education, CAFA, Yao Shunxi, associate professor of the School of Chinese Painting, CAFA, Director of the Flowers and Birds Studio, CAFA, Qin Pu, professor of the Department of Sculpture, CAFA, the artist Yu Qiping, Yu Yang, Director of Theoretical Research Department at the School of Chinese Painting, CAFA, the participating artists Huang Huan, Xu Hualing, Jia Yundi, Pan Yijian, Zeng Sankai, Ye Peng, Yin Shuyu, Liu Haiyong, Cai Mengxia, Du Hao, Yi Xuefeng, Zhou Yan, Luo Ying, Shen Qin, and Li Peng, the media and the art lovers also attended the opening ceremony.

It is as the first round of the Ph.D student forum series of exhibitions which mainly selected 30 artists from the CAFA and China Academy of Art, who are born in the 1950s going through to 1970s, including famous masters, senior doctors and the doctors who are the backbones with a profound research and creative ability and the young cutting-edge doctors. The exhibits cover 4 types of art including figure, landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy, which showcases the face of the current doctoral research, creation and teaching as much as possible.

Curator Ge Yujun addressed the opening ceremony and said: firstly, it paid attention to the work itself, to reflect and present the process of study, creation and the creative thinking dimensions of the high-end art talents, recording their thoughts on the combination of theory research and artistic creation, secondly the works reflect the high academic level, doctoral education of Chinese painting as it unfolded in China more than ten years ago, the exhibition aimed at rationally and objectively presenting the experiences and problems of this stage, rather than a preconceived value judgment, to offer an opportunity to reflect on the education and creation of Chinese painting. Thirdly, the exhibition offered a new perspective to enter the context of modern Chinese painting. Chinese painting is not a simple question of art, or painting technique but a combination of Chinese culture.

The artist Han Lu said: For my future development, I will deepen the research in the cultural construction and development not only from the perspective of painting, but also from the perspective of culture.

The artist Huang Huan said the group work “Six Gunas” seemed to be a still life, but it actually referred to all sorts of things in the world, at the same time it contained the meaning of symbolism.

When Yin Shuangxi was interviewed by CAFA ART INFO, he said the current undergraduate education in China had become the basic education, quality education, which emphasized technology, erasing personality and creativity, while doctoral education was the elite education, which focused on the formation of personality, to study the cutting edge problem of the field, at the same time offering a deeper understanding of the history of humankind. He pointed out that the exhibition showcased the profound basic skill of the artists, while their artistic pursuits and values were still in a preliminary stage, he hoped they continued to strengthen it in the future, to showcase an independent personal appearance.

After the opening ceremony, Wang Shaojun, Yin Shuangxi, Cai Wanlin, Li Xuetao, Qiu Zhenzhong, Chen Qi, Yu Guanghua, Bi Jianxun, Yao Shunxi, Mao Jianbo, Han Lu, Yu Yang, Ge Yujun and other experts and scholars attended an academic discussion on the self-construction of Chinese painting in the context of contemporary art, cultural consciousness and the identity of ink art in an international context, etc.

The exhibition continues to September 10.

Artists (in alphabetical order by last name):

Figure Paintings:

Wang Yanping, Bi Jianxun, Wang Li, Wang Jianwu, Wang Yifei, Pan Wenxun, Huang Huan, Xu Hualing, Li Peng

Landscape Paintings:

Zhang Gumin, Zhou Xiaozhuang, Pan Yijian, Luo Ying, Zeng Sankai, Jia Yundi

Flowers and Birds Paintings:

Yu Guanghua, Yao Shunxi, Han Lu, Ye Peng, Yin Shuyu, Shen Qin, Zhou Qing, Liu Haiyong

Chinese Calligraphy:

Chen Zhongkang, Dai Jiamiao, Zhou Yan, Cai Mengxia, Du Hao, Yi Xuefeng, Wang Yijun

Text by Chen Peihua, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

Photo by the Rhythm Art Organization

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