Hao Hejun (or Hao Xueren), whose style name is Hejun, name of the study is Huai Feng Tang, was born in Yuci County in Shanxi Province. He was admitted to the High School Affiliated with the Central and South Art School (which is the predecessor of the High School Affiliated with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) in 1954, and he graduated from the Department of Chinese painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently a professor and master instructor in the Department of Chinese Painting in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Lin Fengshu and Hao jointly held the “Lin Fengshu and Hao Hejun Painting Exhibition” in 1982, “Hao Hejun’s Paintings of Landscape Exhibition” was held in 1990, “Hao Hejun’s Sketching Painting Exhibition” was held in 1992, “Hao Hejun’s Exhibition of Sketches in Taiwan” was held in 1998, “Beautiful Country – Hao Hejun’s Painting Exhibition” was held at the Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Publications include “Hao Hejun’s Sketches in Taiwan”, “Hao Hejun’s Paintings of Landscape”, “Beautiful Country – Hao Hejun’s Paintings”, etc.

About the exhibition

Exhibition Dates: October 24 – November 5, 2013

Organizers: Art Committee of China Artists Association, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong Provincial Artists Association

Venue: Hall 5, 7 at National Art Museum of China

Courtesy of the artist and National Art Museum of China.

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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