Photo Beijing 2013, the inaugural Beijing International Photography Week, kicked off at the China Millennium Monument on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. Under the theme of “Photography — World in Focus”, this biennial event has provided various discussions, lectures, exhibitions for both professional and amateur photographers and curators from China and abroad.

The First Beijing Photo Biennial, organized by the Ministry of Culture of P.R.C. and Beijing Municipal Government, initiated and curated by CAFA Art Museum, was formally launched in February 2013. As a main project of “The 2013 Beijing International Photography Week,” the exhibition will be held from Oct. 24th to Dec. 7th, 2013 at China Millennium Monument.

This large-scale exhibition program presents how photography has become an effective vehicle in the exchange of contemporary photography in the international arena as an artistic, applicable and self-renewing medium. Furthermore, it has been adopted the building new order and structure in contemporary art and culture. It aims at exploring, discussing and encouraging the investigation of the photographic language and the conceptual advancements, while identifying and supporting young Chines photographers with great talent and potentials with an outlook and methods of the future, in order to promote and raise influence and recognition of contemporary Chinese photography on the international arena. Its introduction of the leading classic western and contemporary resources on photography will facilitate academic exchange between China and the West to further the development of contemporary Chinese photography.

About the biennial

Time: Oct 24th (Thursday)–Dec 7th (Saturday), 2013

Venue: China Millennium Monument

Art Director: Wang Huangsheng

Curatorial Team: Gu Zheng / Li Mei / Rong Rong / Tsai Meng / Bas Vroege (Netherlands)

Organizer: Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Sponsor: mondriaan fund (Netherlands)

Support: China Millennium Monument · Contemporary Art Museum / Netherlands Embassy in Beijing China / Embassy of Israel in China / wx-design

Contact Information

Cai Meng (13683672233 / +86-10-64771618 ,General Coordinator)

Li Yingtian (15117988146 ,Theme Exhibition Coordinator )

Su Dianna (13260178256, International Exhibition Coordinator)

Mao Weidong (13910311280, Nomination Exhibition Coordinator)

Song Liang (15101160820, Development and Art Education Coordinator)


Add: CAFA Art Museum, No. 8, Huajiadi S Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100102

Fax: +86-1064771699



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