Poster of Wang Enlai

Platform China is honored to announce the inaugural solo exhibition of Wang Enlai, featuring the newest installation works of the artist. The exhibition will be on view from 16, June to 22, July.

“What I care about is, instead of the symbolic meaning of the materials, the inner logic of the physical characteristics of the materials which can isolate the materials from the original functional context and generate a new relationship in the materials within their mutual interaction.” said Wang Enlai.

Most of Wang Enlai’s creation materials are ready-made things. Ready-made thing inherently bears symbolic meaning. However, works of the artist weakened the symbolic meaning of the material, while focused on the physical characteristics of the essence of the material. The ready-made things in his works are paired up into paradoxical perfect matches. This kind of perfect match represents a constructional temporary relation. On the other hand, the physical characteristics endow the works with a tendency of collapsing which will finally make this ideological temporary relation realized. In this exhibition, fan, steel ruler, glass, bulb… these ready-made things are deconstructed and reconstructed, and hereby formed “temporary relation” in different dimensions and different meanings.

About the exhibition

Dates: Jun 16, 2017 – Jul 22, 2017

Opening: Jun 16, 2017, 16:00, Friday

Venue: Platform China

Courtesy of the artist and Platform China, for further information please visit

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