Poster of ARROW PARADOX 410x598 - Platform China presents "ARROW PARADOX – Fu Jingyan Solo Exhibition"

The exhibition follows a series of paintings and installation works created by Fu in the past three years, from which the artist’s advancement and exploration in his own creative context is reflected.

Fu’s creative practice is often filled with Sisyphus-styled repetitions and resettings. With the help of implied meanings carried by images and materials, the artist splits images into as many elements as possible and allows those seemingly meaningless figures and relevant items to replicate and mutate. Rays of light that penetrate the body, color stripes posing at a 45 degree angle — it seems that such pictures and images are randomly cut out, with hidden details, disharmonious landscape, an integration of people and still life, and a combination of order and chaos. Artist do not explore order hidden under chaos,while study the form and potential of chaos itself, as well as the dissensus and accidental rules revealed unconsciously.

“Waiting for Next Shock” is an installation work at the exhibition, which brings the audience into the classical philosophical view of “arrow paradox”. Is a flying arrow moving or motionless? If an object reverses its position, is it still that object?

Truth is embodied in illusion. It is justified when being contemplated as an object and sought for as a result, thus all the occasional causes and detours during the process turn into attached meanings in the end. Existing in the form of art pieces, it is not occasional anymore. The past is reset when the origin is interpreted in view of the result. Time is drawn away, leaving pure existence. A flying arrow is motionless rest because the current instant constitutes eternity. Both past and future exist and continue in the present moment and are hidden in internal perceptions and idea exchanges that are unseen on the surface of images, materials and objects.

About the exhibition

Dates: May 24, 2018 – Jul 1, 2018

Opening: May 24, 2018, 16:00, Thursday

Courtesy of the artist and Platform China.

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