01 Recommendation and communication meeting of “Galaxy WORLD Urban Public Design Competition” held at the CAFA

During the afternoon of May 16, 2014, the recommendation and communication meeting of “Beijing Design Week 2014 – Galaxy WORLD Urban Public Design Competition” was held at the CAFA Art Museum. Tang Bin, Deputy Director of CAFA Art Museum, Shi Feng, Executive Vice Chairman of Galaxy Group, and General Manager of the Shenzhen Company, Liu Jun, Executive Director of Beijing Come & Go Center for Arts, other representatives of the Galaxy Group as well as teachers and students of the speciality department of CAFA, and media were invited to attend the recommendation meeting.

In the meeting, Tang Bin said that, this activity was the extension of “The Start of A Long Journey – Practicing” project, as an educational institution, the school hoped to provide the students with the chances of social practice, in addition to cultivating students. The organizer of the competition gave a detailed introduction to the history of Shenzhen and the Galaxy World. The organizer Beijing Come & Go Center for the Arts and supporter Galaxy Group also gave a detailed introduction to the situation of the competition and project during the recommendation meeting. Shi Feng said: the developer should serve society and the people, and we hoped to create a comfortable spatial environment, it was helpful for us that there were more original work participating in the Galaxy project.

Galaxy WORLD Urban Public Design Competition started in Shenzhen on April 27, 2014. It is one of a series of activities during Beijing Design Week 2014 “Real Estate Design and Consumption Season”, taking Shenzhen Galaxy Group “Urban Stamp of Galaxy” as the creative theme, and highlighting the urban memory and green ecology. The project design advocates the contemporary, internationalization, fashion and diversification; encouraging designers to introduce public art creative methods such as Land art, installation art into the creation; the project requires the original work by the author, and demands that the creative idea is novel and unique; with a beautiful form, strong artistic quality; fully fitting the natural environment of the zone; and it is practical, secure, and permanent.

The awards of the competition includes: firstly a Galaxy World prize, with a bonus of 50,000 RMB; secondly, an organizing committee special prize, with a bonus of 30, 000 RMB; thirdly, an innovative work prize, with a bonus of 10,000 RMB; fourthly, twelve excellent work prizes, with a bonus of 5,000 RMB. In addition, it awards the winners honorary certificates issued by the competition, and will choose the one that most represents the“Urban Stamp of Galaxy” from the award-winning projects, to build it in the square of the “Galaxy WORLD” project, as a spatial landmark of the urban zone.

It recruits worldwide, without a limit of nationality, race, age, or gender. The deadline is June 10, 2014, and the organizing committee will announce the winners before the end of July, the award-winning information will reach the authors by email and telephone. Contact: 1 Hotline: 010-64000199, 10:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday; 2 Send the work information table and the work by mail or express delivery the address: Beijing Design Week 2014 “Real Estate Design and Consumption Season” series of activities – Galaxy WORLD Urban Public Design Competition office, room 1103, building c, no. 46, Fangjiahutong, Dongcheng district, Beijing, 100007. (Cover of the envelope should write “Galaxy WORLD Urban Public Design Competition”); 3 Email: xhworld_bjdw@sina.com; 4 Official website: http://bjdw.galaxy-world.cn.

In the section of Q&A, the artists questioned the sponsor and organizers about the details of the competition and the details for participating in the competition. During this period, Zhang Yutong put forward several related suggestions and questions on the recruitment activity to Shenzhen Galaxy. Hong Jiling and on behalf of the organizer said, the final plan of the competition would be established in a Shenzhen urban public space, he hoped the participatory works would make people think of local humanity and spirit, at the same time, he hoped that the artists could offer a small sample of their designs, so that the judges could intuitively understand the work, giving a more objective evaluation, to shape a new urban stamp for Shenzhen.

Journalist: Ye Yuanfeng, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

Photo: Quan Jing/CAFA ART INFO

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