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Hosted by the CAFA Art Museum, School of Design, School of Urban Design, CAFA, organized by OCT Art and Design Gallery, “Reflection: Han Jiaying’s Exhibition of Design opened at the CAFA Art Museum, on April 5, 2013.

Wang Huangsheng and Wang Xu serve as the academic advisors for the exhibition, planned by Wang Huangsheng and Luan Qian. Through the three units themed “the Nature Covered by Design”, “the Origin of the Identity”, and “Visual Deconstruction and Reconstruction”, the exhibition forms an interpretation of Han Jiaying’s creative process in art of design, as well as reflecting the development context of his design in Shenzhen after the reform and opening up 30 years ago.

At 13:00, Han Jiaying personally guided many art scholars who were interested in design, to visit the exhibition at the 2B Gallery of the CAFA Art Museum. At 14:00 a related design forum was held in the Academic Lecture Hall, CAFA Art Museum, and it was presided over by Jiang Hua, a teacher from the School of Design, CAFA. Wang Xu, founder of WX-DESIGN, and a member of AGI, Han Jiaying, design researchers Hai Jun, Zhu Shuai, and Zhou Bo, as well as designer Guang Yu, etc. were invited to make a presentation. They had expressed their ideas and insights on Han Jiaying’s designs, and spoke highly of Han’s achievements in design art, with an in-depth discussion on the five levels of “Design Aesthetics of Literature on the Design Aesthetic”, the subject “Reflection”, “Han Jiaying and Contemporary Graphic Design”, “Designer”, “Discovery: the Context and Means of the Historical Research of Modern Chinese Graphic Design”.

When talking about the direction of design in the future, the guests discussed from the four topics of “continuity”, “design required for constantly breaking the limits of thinking”, “the development of graphic design required for transformation”, “first of all do it right , then do it well”, at the end of the discussions.

At 17: 00, the opening ceremony began, and was presided over by Wang Huangsheng, Director of CAFA Art Museum, and the guests present included Tan Ping, Vice President of the CAFA, Xu Zhong-ou, Dean of the School of Urban Design, Wang Zhong and Chien-Cheng Huang, Associate Deans of the School of Urban Design, Kan Tai-keung, and Wang Xu, the famous designers and members of AGI, famous designer Jeff Dah-yue Shi, Ding Changfeng, Vice President of Vanke Co., Ltd., and Han Jiaying, a visiting professor from the School of Urban Design, CAFA, and so on. Tan Ping, Xu Zhong-ou, Kan Tai Keung, Ding Changfeng, Han Jiaying respectively delivered a speech.

Tan Ping said they had a profound friendship with each other. Over the years, Han had created many works, from graphic design to book design. He believes that this was a very artistic design exhibition – completely out of the still plane, and organically mixing with time, space, and new media.

Xu Zhong-ou said it was an exhibition of academic significance held at the CAFA Art Museum. Han Jiaying had taught in the School of Urban Design, CAFA for six years, and he had his teaching ideas, academic pattern, and his academic height in his communication between the market and the academic.

As the good friends and former colleagues of Han Jiaying, Kan Tai-keung and Ding Changfeng respectively spoke. Finally, Han spoke and said he had taught in CAFA for many, and he was very excited to share with the public in the form of an exhibition.

“Reflection: Han Jiaying’s Exhibition of Design”, the solo exhibition of the first professional graphic designer in China, reflects the “image” by the “mirror”, communication of the ancient and modern artists, from the artworks and graphic writings, multimedia, technology and so on, to the cultural in-depth perception and perfect expression of art, a panoramic display of Han Jiaying’s design skills over the years, his unique ideas and insights into art, as a designer, reflecting the growth trajectory and the course of development of the Chinese design industry.

The exhibition in Beijing is the first show in the touring exhibition of Han Jiaying, and features a large number of classic designs, from 1992 to 2012, including the award-winning posters “Frontiers” series, poster of “Eating is the First Thing for Humans”, “Imitation of Nature”, “A Character containing Heaven and Earth”, the brand image of “C’estbon”, the logo of Shenzhen Library, with various creative expressions, ranging from the categories of poster design, book design, VI design, brand image, and installation, etc. In addition, Han Jiaying’s new works in interdisciplinary areas such as films, literature, art, fashion are on display.

The exhibition lasts until April 25, 2013.


Text by Gao Sisi, translated by Chen Peihua/CAFA ART INFO

Photography by Hu Zhiheng, edited by Sue/ CAFA ART INFO

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