Big Cloud Boat- Big and Small Floating Clouds No.1
At the invitation of the Shui on Group, “Rose Cloudland”, Cai Zhisong’s first solo exhibition in 2015 was unveiled recently at Lakeville Gallery, in Xintiandi, Shanghai. The exhibition is concerned by all walks of life, attracting numerous media in Shanghai, and when Cai Zhisong was interviewed by the journalists at the press conference, he expounded the profound individual art ideas, creative thoughts, thought of life and human nature in simple language in 2 hours.

After the opening ceremony, Allen Dai Yalun, Head of the Shui on Land Shanghai Xintiandi, organized a small cocktail party for Cai Zhisong on behalf of the organizer, friends and honor guests from all walks of life gathered together. Cai Zhisong and Xintiandi have a cross-border cooperation, to present the two series of “Rose” and “Floating Cloud”, to bring a brand-new visual feast for the viewers, and the exhibition will last for two months.

It is an important exhibition for the artist, followed a large-scale solo exhibition held in MOCA Taiwan in 2014, the solo exhibition entitled “The End of Cloud” which was simultaneously held in four places including Beijing, Hong Kong, and the opening exhibition of Rockefeller Art Club entitled “Cai Zhisong’s Works in Between Clouds and Water”. Then he will be invited to hold solo exhibition in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Taipei, and have cross-border cooperation with the international first-line brand.

Cai Zhisong mainly created three series of work, he was known for “Motherland” series, which is heavy and solid, echoing the elapse and condensation of history, the exhibited “Rose” series seems to crave for passionate love at first glance, but material of plumbum helps people feel the deeper place of love, the artist said: “Rose is a symbol of love. Plumbum is both soft and heavy; both easy to shape and damage; its luster is both beautiful and quiet; it is metal but fragile; the nature of plumbum is stable, but it will release toxins when it is melted.” “Floating Cloud” series reflect the values of Cai Zhisong: “Don’t be veiled by the deluded speech and blindly grab, it is necessary to look for the so-called ego, because it’s just only virtual magic with skills, fantasy fiction can never carry the burden of reality. Don’t be afraid to face the stern of causality and arbitrarily believe there is only process of life, deceiving oneself to spend the rest of years.” The latest work “Cloud Boat” further refers to the relationship between the subjective cognizance and objective world: the alloy skull is a symbol of awareness of firmness; the inside was gilded, which is a symbol of human wisdom; clouds and white sands are symbols of vastness; concept closes wisdom, while wisdom can use concept, subjective consciousness does not reach the edge of the objective world, people are often trapped by names and appearances, but they can also use names and appearances as boat to reach the other shore.”

In order to perfectly present the “Rose” and “Floating Clouds” series, the artist personally design the delicate unique layout and partitions, both retaining the individual unique qualities of the works, and being integrated to an artistic conception, so that the viewer can obtain the multilayer visual enjoyment in different dimensions.
The exhibition continues to October 10.

About the artist
Cai Zhisong is one of the most representative figures in the circles of sculpture in China, the pioneer of trans-boundary contemporary art and fashion culture. Cai graduated from the Department of Sculpture, CAFA in 1997, and taught in Department of Sculpture after graduation. Currently he is a professional artist, lives and works in Beijing. Cai had won a large number of awards, including the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon, Rockefeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist Prize, Gangsong Family Fund Award and the President’s Prize at China Central Academy of Fine Arts; he was honored as the Chinese Art Powerful Figure 2011, he was also selected as global “100 Art Leaders” by the “Art Actuel” in France, honored as Mr Uno in “Men’s Uno”, and was selected as “Global Chinese Fashion Leader”, etc. The works were collected by many famous museums, art museums and art institutions at home and abroad.

Courtesy of the artist, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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