024 Wei Bi, Mirror

024 Wei Bi, Mirror

Meng Xi

By Curator Hua’er

In the year 2011, Wei Bi went back to his home village; it had been seen as an “event”. People focus on it, mostly because they care Wei Bi’s Modern ruralism when facing the real world.

From the broken outside back to his rural village, Wei Bi tries to rebuild his spiritual home and new ethical order, in the elegy of his own Eden, there are not only romantic review of the opening chaos, but also a base line he carefully measured. “Mother’s mirror” has been used for40 years, which illuminates his tender feelings endless inside. He presents the past of his homeland to the audience with those mysterious concerns.

He plants a group of bamboos behind the old house, he mentioned: my father used to plan the bamboo forest, and during the planting process, I feel comfortable, the silence of the solid gives me confidence.

Look into the frame to trail Wei Bi’s homesickness, as we, “the narrow urban animal.” Can’t you feel the enlightenment of where the souls should be?

014 Wei Bi, Ailanthus altissima

014 Wei Bi, Ailanthus altissima

034 Wei Bi, A Porcelain Jar with Characters of Double Happiness

034 Wei Bi, A Porcelain Jar with Characters of Double Happiness

About the exhibition

Duration: September 13th – October 12, 2014, Visits by Appointment

Venue: see+ gallery

Address: B10, 798 Art Zone Beijing

Tel: +8610 59789266, +86 13501005403

E-mail: seegallery@vip.126.com

Courtesy of the artist and see+ gallery, for further information please visit www.seegallery.net.

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