Li Tiefu, "Portrait of Liu Suwei", 1942; oil on canvas, 102×77cm

To promote resources sharing among art museums of the country and meet the goal of “art museums serve the society”, National Art Museum of China(NAMOC) will hold “Selected Masterpieces from Ten Art Museums in China” during China’s Spring Festival of 2013. The exhibition, for the first time, gathers selected collections of China’s 10 major art museums: National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, Guam Shanyue Art Museum., Guangdong Museum of Art, Shanxi Province Art Museum, Hubei Museum of Art, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, CAFA Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum to present a cultural feat in the capital Beijing during the spring festival with valuable art works all over China. Besides, this exhibition is also the opening of series exhibition for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of National Art Museum of China in 2013. The curatorial philosophy of the exhibition focuses on history of Chinese modern art, contemporary art achievements, regional features of art development and typical individual artist’s creation.

About the exhibition

Date: January 18 through to February 25, 2013

Venue: Hall 1-9, National Art Museum of China

Jointly organized by: Shanghai Art Museum, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shangxi Province Art Museum, Shenzhen Guan Shangyue Art Museum, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, CAFA Art Museum and Zhejiang Art Museum.

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