Ding Yi, “Appearance of Crosses series 2013 - 2”

Intending to comprehensively show the overall image of fine arts in Shanghai while enhancing its national influence, “Shanghai Art Exhibition in Beijing” takes contemporary artworks as its main clue, collectively showcasing 102 pieces of oil paintings, Chinese paintings, sculptures and prints. It is divided into three parts, firstly representative works by masters; secondly awarding works from the National Art Exhibitions in the last thirty years; thirdly excellent works by young artists. Since the “National Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition” held in 1962, Shanghai art for the first time has a collective appearance in Beijing, and is an important review on Shanghai fine arts in the 21st century. In addition to the innovative, experimental and pioneering works represented the Shanghai style, the exhibition exhibits profound works which reflect that artists are close to life, reality, the masses, concerning the development of era, and taking social responsibilities, the overall image of Shanghai fine arts is more plentiful and diverse, and it surely will bring a strong visual appeal to the viewers, arousing their rich inner experiences.

Along with the exhibition, 18 volumes of “Shanghai Painting School Century Representative Painters Series Catalogues” of the selection of Xu Gu, Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo, He Tianjian, Zhu Qizhan, Yan Wenliang, Wu Hufan, Liu Haisu, Feng Zikai, Guan Liang, Lin Fengmian, Wu Dayu, Zhang Dazhuang, Zhou Bichu, Lu Yanshao, Xie Zhiliu, Tang Yun, Cheng Shifa, etc., which have sorted out the centurial glorious history of Shanghai Painting School in an academic way. Compiled and published are “Shanghai Art Exhibition in Beijing Catalogue”, “Shanghai Painting School Centurial Representative Painters Theory Anthology”.

About the exhibition

Duration: from 15:00 pm on November 8 through to 12:00 am on November 19, 2013

Organizers: Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, China Artists Association, National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Venue: Hall 13-17, National Art Museum of China

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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