Xiang Jing in the interview with CAFA ART INFO

Xiang Jing in the interview with CAFA ART INFO

It’s amazing to think about how fast the world has changed over the past few decades. The Internet has changed the way people perceive the world, making it easier to “know” things. Our concepts of technological progress, time and distance have all been changed. If you’re completely in the level of reality, and your attention is diverted by reality, then you will be afraid there’s something you “don’t know.” A concept is rapidly washed away, shuffled out like a playing card. The individual has been emphasized, but what has been washed away with more ferocity is the unconscious collective. Outside of advertisements, there are no longer words like “eternal” or “timeless.” For the individual, sometimes they don’t know what they want to persevere for. This world brings me great pain, and I don’t think I can use what I have now to help the future of the world. Sometimes, art seems like a utopian dream world, where each artist rushes to successfully erect a new world before the old one collapses. I’m always squeezed between such ideals and depressed sentiments. I hold a solo exhibition about once every three years, and every time, the process is the same. Before the exhibition, I shut myself off, steeped in a closed world. After that, I spend about a year in a state of hollow doubt, doubting all values. It’s quite scary.

by  Xiang Jing

from Will Things Ever Get Better?–A Discussion between Chen Jiaying and Xiang Jing

Courtesy of Xiang Jing Studio







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