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“Simulation: Moving Pictures—Solo Exhibition of Huang Jiancheng” had a grand opening at BMW exhibition center in Germany at 19:30 on September 25 (Berlin time). The BMW exhibition center, located in the downtown area in Berlin, removed all the cars and presented Huang Jiancheng’s works. This is the first time for the BMW center in Berlin to present a visual feast for the local people to understand Chinese culture, Oriental art and design.

Cultural Counselor Chen Ping gave high praise to this exhibition and he said Huang Jiancheng was a famous designer and artist in China, bringing the German people contemporary art works with traditional Chinese cultural elements. The President of BMW Berlin Hans Reiner Schröder gave a speech at the vernissage on behalf of BMW, he said that they were honored to invite artist Huang Jiancheng to come to Berlin, and this was the first time for BMW Berlin to explore a cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Germany from the perspective of contemporary art.

At the same time, the Academic Chair Prof. Klaus Siebenhaar introduced the planning and organization of the exhibition in detail at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, emphasizing the significance of the recent cooperation between the School of Culture and Media Management of the Free University, Berlin and the art management discipline of CAFA, as well as the original idea of holding such an exhibition. Curator of the exhibition, Dean of the Institute of Arts Administration and Education at CAFA Prof. Yu Ding gave a detailed interpretation of Huang Jiancheng’s artistic ideal, the thinking of the relationship between design and contemporary art and the creation.

Based on the thinking of the simulation of the digital age, using the critical attitude towards reality, Huang Jiancheng inspects the relationship between art and origins of the world, trying to question the rationality of the real world. The Berlin exhibition showcases 6 pieces of artwork by Huang Jiancheng, including 3 pieces from the “Field • Huang Jiancheng Design” Art Exhibition in 2014, in addition to other 3 pieces – “Light•Image”, “Manuscript Series”, “Shadow •Trace” which were recently created for the exhibition.

“Shadow •Trace” emphasises characters which have a sense of industrial science and technology that spill onto the ground, like a white Milky Way flowing down from the sky, while imitating traditional handwriting, this dynamic state is solidified in most timely spatial nodes. When Huang Jiancheng was interviewed by the media, he said that: “This work was inspired by BMW’s ethos – science and technology, humanism; while at the same time, it also considers the realistic factors such as the spatial architecture of BMW’s showroom. I want to make the rational, scientific and technological light and shadow solidify to perceptual art traces, in order to explain the interchangeable and reversible nature of concept and performance, rules and being flexible.”

Huang Jiancheng is a well-known spatial integration designer in China, and is currently the Deputy Dean of the School of Urban Design, CAFA, Professor, master tutor; Deputy Director of Environmental Design Art Committee of China Artists Association, a member of the Industrial Design Specialty Teaching Steering Committee at the Higher Education of the Ministry of Education; Visiting Professor of NYSID, Institute of Architecture and Design at Saint Raphael University in Rome, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and other colleges and universities.

He once served as an Art Director and Chief Designer of the China Pavilion in Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan, Design Director of the China Pavilion in Expo 2010 Shanghai; the chief designer of the 2015 and 2016 “Happy Chinese New Year Fantastic Art China” New York Series of Events. Huang’s works have attended many national and international art and design exhibitions, won a number of important awards; 2014 “Field • Huang Jiancheng Design” Art Exhibition was successfully held in CAFA Art Museum, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and China Art Museum, Shanghai.

The exhibition is on display from September 26 to October 15.

Courtesy of the artist, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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