Poster of Sino-Dutch Public Art Forum

Themed “The Power of Art in Development Areas”, the Sino-Dutch Public Art Forum will be inaugurated on November 22th at 9:30 am at the auditorium of CAFA Art Museum. As one of cultural activities celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Dutch, this seminar was co-organized by Institute of Sculpture in Sculpture Department of CAFA and VARIO MUNDO Public Art Foundation. This seminar focused on the use of public art within urban development zones and urban planning taking the Dutch town of Vathorst, Amersfoort as a case study. Guest speakers include: Ashok Bhalotra (architect and urban planner); Hans van Houwelingen (artist); Thaddeus Muller (sociologist); Li Xiaodong (architect), Zhang Zhaohong (artist) and Zhun Yufan (landscape designer).

Forum Schedule

Forum Time: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm, November 22, 2012

Forum Location: Auditorium of the Central Academy of Fine Arts , China

Forum Organizers: Institute of Sculpture,  Sculpture Department of CAFA


Forum Cooperation: Public Art Studio in Sculpture Department of CAFA, City of Amersfoort, C-Space, SICA

Forum Sponsors: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Beijing FX Stone Co Ltd

Beijing Yidongyuan Sculpture Production Center

Beijing Zhongshenya Sculpture & Landscape Project Co. Ltd.

Moderators: Henriette van der Linden

Quanchun Hu – Lecturer Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts

09:30am Opening of the Forum,

Opening Speech by Professor Pinchang Lv from Sculpture Department of CAFA (China) ; the President Patrick de Vriesand from Press and Culture department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Executive Ms.Tamar Oosterlaar fromVario Mundo (Netherlands)

09:50am–10:10am Presentation by Chinese Artist -Mr. Pu Qin

“Art Intervention in Space & The Development Course of Public Art in Last Three Decades in China”

10:10am–10:30am Presentation by Dutch Architect- Mr. Ashok Bhalotra

“Sculpting the City is a Cultural Deed”

10:30am–10:40am Questions & Discussion

10:40am–11:00am Presentation by Chinese Landscape Designer- Mr. Yufan Zhu

“Strength of DOF in Landscape Design”

11:00am–11:20am Presentation by Dutch Artist- Mr. Hans van Houwelingen

“The Complex Role of Art in Public Space and the Situation He Has to Deal With as an Artist”

(Rules, Democratic Decision-making, Local Residents, the Local Government, etc)

11:20am–11:30am Questions & Discussion

11:30am–11:50am Presentation by Chinese Artist -Mr. Zhaohong Zhang

“The Possibility of Public Space under Restrictive Conditions ”

11:50am–12:10am Presentation by Chinese Architect- Mr. Xiaodong Li

“Reflection on Regions”

12:10–12:20 Questions & discussion

12:20–12:40 Presentation by Dutch Sociologist- Mr. Thaddeus Müller

12:40–12:55 Questions & Discussion

12:55 Forum closing remarks by professor Fan Yu and Professor Defeng Zhang Sculpture Department of CAFA

13:00 Forum Close

13:00–14:00 Buffet

14:00–15:30 After the lunch, pick the delegation of Netherlands to visit the” Sculpt China ” exhibition in CAFA Institute of sculpture, back to the hotel after the visit.


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