Poster of Rebuild 431x598 - Space Ten presents "Rebuild" to showcase an art dialogue between Jiangyan Fu and Xi Song in Shenyang

Space Ten is proud to present the first exhibition “Rebuild” featuring Shenyang based artist Jingyan Fu and Shanghai based Northeast artist Xi Song.  They bring about an excellent art dialogue in their works through the exhibition. Two of Fu’s mixed media works, “there was a matter originally”, “what bewitched it” and one of Song’s video work, “Square”, will be displayed. Fu chose the work with text symbol to express his understanding of concept and the irony languages even made the work stronger and lead audience to a deeper thinking. The works simultaneously revealed his sensitiveness of material applying. Their physical property, for instance, weight, temperature and touch, all delivered people physical experience in order to perceive his concept better. Directly quote Fu’s description, “The work is around a specific ‘concept’ in life. The ‘beauty’ in the imagination and the ‘hard substance’ from the inside of objects have intimate and vague relationship, and its internal content is even more complex. The ‘weight’ and ‘experience’ of ‘matter’ is under way of 45 degrees glancing”. “Square” is Song’s on-going art project. Song brings the “wild area” in video games to the public space, squares, in the real world, and simulates himself as “monster” from video games continuing moving repeatedly from point A to B in square. Song is using the metaphor of “rules of the game” to discuss the idea of “liberty”. “Square”, as an on-going art project, will continuously occur in public city squares around the world. Fu and Song’s works look irrelevant, however, both of theirs works “rebuilt” the material and concept from the internal substantial construction. They are delivering their concept perceiving to the audience in their unique artistic way.

As the first exhibition, Space Ten invited artists from Shenyang other region of China to have art exchange, in order to reveal the concept of Space Ten, which is creating a cross-cultural communicating platform between northeast China and other regions, providing a window to the “external world” to know and understand northeastern culture better. As an independent space, Space Ten provides the maximum room of art creating for artists and curators.

About the exhibition

Dates: May 25, 2018 – Jul 15, 2018

Venue: Space Ten

Courtesy of the artists and Space Ten.

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