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The opening of “Viewing the World by Clear mind • Art Phoenix: Studying the Expression of Plastic and Character – Academic Exhibitionby Research Group of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, is going to be  held at the Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting at 15:00pm on December 16, 2012. Jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting affiliated to the China National Academy of Arts, and Phoenix Arts Group, the exhibition will be held in Wuxi Phoenix Arts Palace after the Beijing Show ends. It is the 2nd exhibition by the Research Group of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting since it was established in 2011, and more than 200 pieces of new artworks by 31 artists are on show, it will last until December 30. At the same time there are related discussions and a conference, as well as a publication of the same name.

The Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting was established to adhere to the academic purpose “advocating the eternal and carrying forward the classic”, as well as the core value of truth, kindness and beauty, together with 31 outstanding artists, who are in pursuit of art, the heritage of the classic and painstakingly creating art, with the same idea and feeling, as well as a hardworking spirit that studies the source. Members of the Research Group share artistic activities by communication, collective research and independent creative practice, they are a whole and at the same time a unit, they resonate with each other at the same time retaining independence. Whereby highlighting their aim: intervening with reality and in the face of contemporary art with an independent spirit, inheriting the traditional and summoning the classical with an idea of freedom.

The first Exhibition of “Viewing the World by a Clear Mind” and the Establishment of the Research Group of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting was held successfully in December, 2011, along with good praise from the academic world and society. It is a four year research project, starting from the basic elements of painting, with plastic, color and construction, whose common laws are deeply explored, and they produce the creations with personalized understanding. The exhibition is all about the theme “Studying the Expression of the Plastic and Character”, displaying the achievements of research and creation. All the topics of the task force unfold on two levels, that of the ontology of painting and the cultural relevance, including: firstly, the ontology of painting: the expression of the plastic and character, expression of color and emotion, expression of construction and spirit. Secondly, the cultural relevance: the contemporary art expands the classical spirit, realism of Chinese feelings, integration of the Chinese and foreign languages.

Supported by Phoenix Arts Group, the exhibition will tour to Wuxi Phoenix Arts Palace Museum, in order to expand the social influence of its academic purpose.

Selected reviews:

We are in need of not only profound understanding of the laws of art, and comprehensively mastering painting principles, but also our personal individual implements, based on individual talent and emotion, from his/her own unique perspective, a talented artist actively makes use of the principles to create original works and to express visual characters, associated to his/her temperament and perception. We aim to highlight the individual among the common and hope artists achieve their own personal value in the group, when developing the individual, we promote the development of the group, searching for the expressive approaches to the combinations of Eastern and Western, the classic and modern and the rational and perceptive, to create in-depth academic and high spiritual works, reflecting the spirits of the times and national sentiment.

–Yang Feiyun, Dean of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

 The task force of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting was established on academic ideals and artistic beliefs in the contemporary environment. We selected artists of our own aesthetic and academic tastes to compose art for the art community, with effective artistic practices. We try our best to maintain the highest academic purpose and practice. We do our best to mobilize the outstanding academic forces at home and abroad, to create a research atmosphere for the task force to demonstrate their experiences and successes. We provide a platform for promising young artists to gain a good opportunity and development and to improve growth. Mainly keeping to classical research direction, we accept the selected achievements of modern arts, absorbing valuable Oriental traditions, creating works with the help of excellent experiences from the predecessors. We hope that artists are in contact with rapid changeable social realities in different perspectives, to show their own overall value with a large number of works full of personality and creativity.

–Chao Ge, Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Director of Academic Committees of China Academy of Oil Painting

Members of the Research Group of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting:

Bai Yuping, Li Xiaolin, Yao Yong, Zhang Linong, Peng Peng, Yu Xiaodong, Yao Hongru, Cai Jihong, Zhao Xianxin, Shi Lei, Sun Wengang, Xu Xiaodong, Zhu Chunlin, Qin Ye, Han Hongwei, Xia Junna, Li Xinming, Zhang Wenhui, Chang Lei, Xu Zhiguang, Li Wendong, Huang Shengxian, Liu Xin, Lin Chenxi, Cheng Zhiguo, Yang Jinyu, Zhang Xi, Fei Yifeng, Cai Ning, Huo Guanglu, Bai Di, Tong Ziyun

Organizers: Chinese Academy of Oil Painting affiliated to China National Academy of Arts, Phoenix Arts Group

Co-organizer: Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

Co-sponsor: Chinese Oil Painting Art Foundation, Phoenix Art Place Museum, Phoenix Art Palace

Academic adviser: Yang FeiyunOpening time: 15:00pm December 16, 2012

Duration: December 16-30, 2012

Location: Art Museum of Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

Translated by Chen Peihua/CAFA ART INFO

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