About the artist

Liu Qinghe, a renowned Chinese artist that focuses on ink and wash. In an active way, he advocates the involvement of ink and wash into contemporary life and he has gradually established his own individual style into the experimental exploration of ink language. With an unique language of ink and wash, his work portrays the spiritual images of contemporary citizens, touches people to reveal their deep moods. Though respected as the representative artist of “Urban Painter with Ink and Wash”, Liu Qinghe does not believe the symbolized things in the paintings are what he really needs, as for ink figures he has his own far-reaching thoughts.

Introduction to the Exhibition “Sunflower”

December 21, 2013, “Sunflower”- Liu Qinghe Solo Show was opened at the Hive Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing 798 Art District. The exhibition features his latest work, many of which are rarely seen images of children. With highly personalized techniques of ink and wash, Liu Qinghe showcases the spiritual development of a generation who was born in the 1960s in China, in his own words, this is “a way to express a return visit to the past with sunflowers.”

Production Supervisor: Shao Dazhen

Executive Producer: Chen Qi

Director: Zhang Yanzi

Co-Associate producer: ZhuLi

Screenwriter: Zhang Wenzhi

Postproduction: Wu Siying

Cinematographers: Hu Zhiheng, Yang Yanyuan and WeiWei

Translation: Wang Shu

Narrator: Yang Yanyuan

Courtesy of the artist and CAFA ART INFO.

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