Poster of FUZZ FUZZ

The Chinese definition of “FUZZ” is refers to fluffs, soft substances; vertical, short and thin hairs; when it was used as a verb, the definition is to make fluffs fly, to become a fluff’s shape, to become blurred, or to raise fluffs; to make something vague. FUZZ, in the field of sound art, is the name of a sound effect device, especially referring to the hairy, electrostatic-like, or sizzling, or buzzing Sound and frequency.

The work present by artists duo Liang Yue and Man Yi. With such as fizzling and buzzing name, they want to invite everyone, in the scene, to experience the electrostatic-like emotional touch, brought by the work, falling with daily familiar or not being found.

About the exhibition

Dates: 2017.05.06 Sat – 2017.06.05

Venue: SNAP 33 Middle Sichuan Road, #901, Huangpu, Shanghai

Courtesy of the artists and SNAP, for further information please visit

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