Xu Wenkai (aaajiao), Object(detail0

Taikang space presents a group exhibition, “Transience: Intractable Objects”, featuring works from: Liu Yin, Liu Yue, aaajiao and Yang Ming.

Theme, in the name of the object

Respectively, electricity, light, fire and stone – rather than liaising them with four materials, in fact, they are four objects – pertinent to the materials and objects the artists adopt and represent. At a glance, you may mistaken these four characters as the basic elements of the universe of this exhibition, instead we could consider them as the spiritual light at a distance, that is profoundly engulfing the medium and forms of these artworks. Well, as they are seen in both their physical evidence and abstraction.

They are rowdy or even coarse, requiring both the artists’ body and intellect to control and manipulate. At the same time, they must also be impossible to tame and are uncontrollable. In our view, they are certainly the wild and intractable objects. Just as how materials or the artworks are to the artists, or, how the artists are to us…

What we would like to emphasize is, this is neither a thematic exhibition, nor is it an exhibition that aims to work out the works of the artists as illustrations of an assignment. We have decided on this exhibition title at the very last stage in putting it together, just before we were almost ready to use “The Untitled” as a “skeleton key” to all doors. We took the risk in waiting for the arrival of the artists’ new works, as we wait for a long lost sense of uncertainty, even if it is transient, like the light of lightenings, or the fire of flint stones.

Artworks, numbers and the geographical chronology

Female artist Liu Yin was born in 1984, in Guangzhou, who graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Art in 2010, presents two neon light installations for this exhibition. Born in Shanghai 1981 and graduated from Art College of Shanghai University in 2005, Liu Yue shows two sets of non-traditional large dimension photographs. Currently lives in Shanghai, Xu Wenkai (aaajiao), was born in 1984 in Xi’an, and has graduated from Wu Han University in 2007, will present two video works generated by digital programming. Yang Ming, born in Anhui 1974, currently lives in Beijing, graduated from the Tianjin Art Academy in 2004, his work is a group of printed sculpture that was initially scanned and generated in 3D.

About the exhibition

Duration: 27 Mar – 17 May 2014

Venue: Taikang Space

Address: Red No.1-B2, Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China

Courtesy of the artists and Taikang Space, for further information please visit www.taikangspace.com.

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