Sui Jianguo Solo Exhibition at Pace Beijing 01

Current social contexts are clearly present in my work, but I still search for a kind of self-supporting approach that can provide structure for my life experience and the world I encounter, although I am fully aware of my own distance from this goal.

–Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo ranks among the most important Chinese contemporary artists and is widely considered, as critic Huang Zhuan states, the “Chinese sculptor who took the conceptual route the earliest and the farthest.” This is the first solo exhibition for Sui since joining The Pace Gallery, Beijing, bringing together representative works from the artist’s various stylistic periods. The exhibition will run from March 3rd through April 14th, 2012.

Courtesy of Sui Jianguo and Pace Beijing

Photo: Hu Zhiheng/CAFA ART INFO

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