He Xiangyu, My Fantasy_2012_Silicone Gel,Fiberglass,Clothes_155x46x23cm


September 1st – November 11th, 2012

To He Xiangyu as an artist, this exhibition continuously shows his passion for exploring the symbolic world and his efficiency and ability to go back to the phenomenal world. While to He Xiangyu as an individual, this exhibition is also a deliberate retrospect and action to himself. Just like the implication of the miniature silicone sculpture (My Fantasy) he made according to his shape, he was trying to extract a structural other from viewing another self.


September 1st – November 11th, 2012

As the most universal representative of modern civilization, simple machines are the advocators of the entire discipline system, the extension and suppression of human beings. While taking on different looks, they are all produced to meet specific needs, and have unknown potential to be discovered. It seems they never feel tired: rolling, sounding, shimmering, keeping eating up numerous electric and human power to maintain their functions. They force people to get used to the depressed desire, so that they become unconscious of living in the cruelty, and exhaust themselves day after day.

Courtesy of the artists and White Space Beijing, for further information please visit www.whitespace-beijing.com.

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