Tan Ping is China’s contemporary master of abstraction. He began his journey to metaphysical expression in Berlin twenty years ago. In this anniversary series of wood block prints the artist returns to the classic aesthetic of black and white which initially inspired him in his formative years.

Tan Ping’s fascination is with the illusion of chaos and freedom within the context of form, structure and process. He presents floating radicals that may or may not be perceived by the naked eye and yet exist in the inner logic and beauty of the wider universe. The abstraction is inspired by the replication of biological cells, informed by eastern metaphysics and observed through a western microscope.

The artist begins with the notion of the circle as the embodiment of unity, balance and harmony. In the meditative focus and rhythmic carving, the circle deconstructs, splinters, reproduces and mutates. In the press of woodblock, ink and paper another circle is born.

The ‘untitled’ image floats us to the realm of inner reflection, and in this monumental series the black and white dialectic is an experience of sophistication and elegance that is quintessentially Tan Ping.

Studio Rouge is delighted to provide collectors with a rare opportunity to acquire important works from this significant series. Tan Ping’s anniversary series of woodblock prints are in a limited edition of five only.

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