01 Poster of Tao Na’s Solo Exhibition

On June 6, 2014, curated by Zhao Li, Professor of CAFA, Tao Na’s Solo Exhibition opened at SZ Art Center in 798 Art District, Beijing. The exhibition is the 5th round of “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”, which is a high-level platform launched by Art Nova 100, in collaboration with CCAD to promote outstanding individual artists, and it will become an industrial brand project.

Tao Na is an artist committed to innovative exploration, she has been using a variety of mediums to try and explore the creative practice, obtaining industrial recognition and praise. The exhibition displays Tao Na’s works through the use of full rangeof mediums, so that the viewer can understand Tao from all levels. For example, in the painting section, it showcases the “Beautiful World” series, etc., where she tries to use the viewing distance to produce a visual interaction with the viewer, to make the screen more intense through the comparison between the figurative and the abstract, and the work is also more powerful. In the installation section, “Palace in the Sky” installation that once yielded unusually brilliant results at the China Pavilion for the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2012, also debuted in Beijing, to be an on-site interactive experience with the viewers.

Since she held the first solo show in 2011, Tao has devoted herself to meditation, research and creation, to further concentrate her experiences of the surrounding bustling and noisy areas and the rapid development to her work. It is the most important exhibition for Tao Na in recent several years, to present Tao’s representative works in different historical periods from 2008 to 2014. Curator Prof. Zhao Li deeply communicated with the artist several times, to comb through Tao’s artistic creative venation and art concept in recent years, and positioned it accurately. In this exhibition, we can see not only Tao’s art experience of the past few years, but also her current creative status and the future artistic developmental trend.

About the artist

Tao Na has participated in many contests and won prizes since 2000, including the Golden Prize of the Graduation Creation by the Department of Architecture, CAFA, in 2005. Now she has held two solo exhibitions, attended 52 group exhibitions, winning 7 domestic and international awards, 13 patents in China. Her works cover several visual fields such as oil painting, installation, video, etc., and she is frequently involved in many important international exhibitions, such as Chinese Female Art Exhibition in the European Art Festival, Cross-Strait Biennale, and Future Pass, Venice Architecture Biennale, etc.

About “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”

“1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series” is a high-level platform launched by Art Nova 100, in collaboration with CCAD to promote the outstanding individual artists. Since the first show debuted in 2012, the project has entered its third year. Through the tailor-made solo exhibitions by the “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”, the young artists showcase their own creation from multiple angles, winning extensive attention and interaction in the industry and with outsiders. “1 in 100 • Art Nova Solo Exhibition Series”is rooted in “Art Nova 100”, but it is not limited to it, instead, it is a platform that is open to all outstanding young artists.

About the exhibition

Curator: Zhao Li

Opening: 17:00, June 6, 2014 (Friday)

Duration: June 6 – June 15, 2014

Venue: SZ Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing

Photo: Public and Media Office of Art Nova 100

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

Courtesy of the artist and SZ Art Center.

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