I have written a poem for this work: The instantaneous beauty is exquisite and delicate. It is born between the skin, disappears in the air. It is as painful as being bitten by mosquitoes, but the feeling is full of life. Comparing it to the love between a man and woman, it is an aftertaste.

Artist Tao Yuan

Artist Tao Yuan

“<1.25” is a work of photography about static electricity, and touch is the most important thing to produce static electricity, which is produced by a close and intimate touch. Static electricity gives people a slight tingling sensation, and this kind of intimate tingling is like the love between a man and woman, it produces a slight tingling because of the intimate touch, while this tingling spark is so beautiful that it is like an aftertaste.

I am a student of the School of Experimental Art, and I thank the school for arranging rich courses, thus I have been in touch with many things. Now I have learned micro-carving, photography, video making, a series of software, and also have learned how to make a model, and edit a book.

I personally prefer exquisite and delicate things, and prefer patiently observing and waiting. I have previously finished several groups of works this way – by performing some tiny details. With some of these works, I am able to express the inner world, express the experience of life, rather than studying esoteric problems. Feeling is the thing that drives me to create, only when I experience the feeling that the work needs to express is the work sincerely created.

I started to create a series of works entitled “<1.25” last year, I spent a lot of time and tried many ways in order to achieve the expected effect, but it is hard to see the workload when one views the work. During the period of the exhibition, many people including some photographers asked me about the skills of shooting, which satisfied me. I think my own work is not perfect, so I have never told them the skills. When I finished a perfect work I will share the skills of shooting with others. The School of Experimental Art arranges a class of photography, with my teacher Yu Fei helping me a lot. My skills of shooting are poor, and I have only a little photographic knowledge, but I prefer to express and the expression itself, while photography is just a tool that I need. I can give up my skilled method and find the most suitable way to express the work. In the course by Colin Chinnery, he mentioned that the artist should be sincere to his work, which has heavily inspired me.

The works are divided into two parts, part is digital inkjet, and the rest is presented in light boxes. I am not satisfied with the material of light boxes, and I originally wanted to make black light films, but I finally gave up, as the details of static electricity did not satisfy me although I found some stores engaged in professional black light films. It has dragged on for a long time, and I did not determine the result until the day before the exhibition. The effect of the light boxes is unexpectedly good. I am very grateful that many people like my works. I will continue to try to make better works.

About the Artist

Tao Yuan graduated from the High School Affiliated to Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2011, and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.


The work “Lonely People” participated in the first Chinese College Students Pastel Painting, Ming. Art Museum in Suzhou

The work “Blessing” participated in the third National Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, Ming. Art Museum in Suzhou

The work “Serene” participated in the second Guan Shanyue Youth Gongbi Art Exhibition, Guan Shanyue Art Museum and Guancheng Art Museum

The work “Blessing” participated in the Youth Footprint thematic exhibition, exhibition hall of the main building, Central Academy of Fine Arts

The work “<1.25” participated in the Three-Year Montage exhibition curated by the famous curator Colin Chinnery, the underground exhibition hall of the Central Academy of Fine Arts

The work “Small Hill of Xiaogang” participated in The Civil Power, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum

The work “30 Days Exhibition” participated in Zhixian Gallery Invitation Exhibition

The works “The Story in My Eyes” and “Seed” participated in the “Me” thematic exhibition

The works “<1.25” and “A Piece of Wood” participated in the 2017 Undergraduate Student Graduation Artwork Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Text and Photo by Tao Yuan, Edited Zhong Yuwei/CAFA ART INFO

Translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

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