03 Xu Renlong, “Caring the Great River in the Dream”, 125 x 247 cm, 2011

Sponsored by CAFA and the High School Affiliated with CAFA, “Teaching and Learning Affecting Each Other: Exhibition for Xu Renlong’s Teaching and Creation” opened at the teaching exhibition hall of CAFA on March 23, 2014, and the exhibition collectively displays nearly 400 pieces of selected artworks created by Professor Xu Renlong over more than 40 years, which is divided into seven sections including landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy, seal cutting, sketching and shaping, creation, and literature, respectively going along with wonderful words, to fully showcase Prof. Xu’s attention and thinking on traditional Chinese cultural spirit, which greatly enlightens the construction of socialist literature and arts with distinct Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and attitude, embodying the sense of mission of intellectuals.

Xu Renlong graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting, CAFA in 1978, specialized in figure painting during the period of college, taught by Wu Biduan, Liu Boshu, Wei Qimei, Sun Zixi, Du Jian, Su Gaoli, Jin Shangyi, Huang Runhua, etc., and worked at the Department of Chinese Painting of the academy after his graduation, learning professional skills with famous Chinese painters such as Ye Qianyu, Li Kuchan, Li Keran, and training, after appointed to the High School Affiliated with CAFA in 1979, for a better teaching, he deeply studied paintings of landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy and so on, repeatedly studying Chinese cultural classics, aesthetics, Buddhism and Western sketches, to be a fully accomplished artist who is good at Chinese and Western art.

Prof. Xu Renlong says: I have spent more than 40 years in learning art and teaching, at the moment of my retirement, I would like to showcase for the students my works along with replenished texts. Although I don’t have any achievements that compare with the predecessors, there are failures that need to warn the newcomers. The paintings of various appearances and the valuable academic views are combed through and summarizing more than 40 years of artistic experience of Xu Renlong, to arouse art circles, and especially young art students to focus on and inherit Chinese culture.

The exhibition will continue until March 28.

Courtesy of the artist and CAFA, translated by Chen Peihua and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO.

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