Poster of Wall Painting Jan van der Ploeg 398x598 - Telescope presents Jan van der Ploeg's first solo exhibition in China

Over the past two decades artist Jan van der Ploeg has been exhibiting his work extensively around the world in 100’s of group and solo exhibitions and in public and private commissions. His Telescope installation, Wall Painting, is his first exhibition in China. Born in Amsterdam in 1959, where he still lives, his work carries with it the Dutch tradition of clean, minimal, non objective design from the early 20th c., but blows it up to architectural proportions and surprising pop impressionistic colors into the 21st c. His powerful graphic design configurations, colors, and sometimes, optical color juxtapositions are born out of his relationship with the locations and architecture where his wall paintings are created. Through thoughtful analysis, sheer intuition, and bold execution he creates and moves mountains. Van der Ploeg’s works are interventions into already existing architecture and the flow of life that passes through them. They have the strength needed to subdue and support massive interiors, but at the same time they intelligently work together to enliven and define each other in new ways. Van der Ploeg’s paint flows and follows the rhythms of the stone and glass and carries the passersby on their way. Our individual and intimate experience of a ‘space’ is forever changed. ​

The Wall Painting exhibition at Telescope consists of two wall works in Gallery 1 and 2, and 3 prints. Van der Ploeg, best known for his enormous wall pieces, also makes prints and paints small canvasses. The paintings and paper works are not studies for his larger murals but they share similar subject matter just without the unending continual flow that the larger wall works convey. They are a unique ‘signature’ on their own.

– James Elaine

About the exhibition

Dates: Mar 31, 2018 – May 30, 2018

Venue: Telescope

Courtesy of the artist and Telescope.

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